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Ominous backdrop to teacher strikes

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Don Dix

The union reps for the teachers obviously have a very low opinion of the general population, at least their ability to think and comprehend. These reps make statements designed to tug away at 'heart strings -- it's always something to do with caring for the kids, their best interests.

But the reality is much different. These negotiations have very little to do with students and very much to do with salaries and benefits. Has there ever been a teacher strike where the students actually mattered, really? If that were the case, many teachers would cross the picket line to teach those kids who are said to be so important.

Name another profession with a six or seven hour work day, Cadillac benefits, and a year that consists of only 165 days of actual defined work. Then add a salary scale that automatically increases pay yearly (COLA and step raises)) and virtually no way to fire slackers (with the exception of layoffs for lack of funds).

Less than 10% of district funds actually get to the students, yet the union is always there demanding base raises, more bennys, and lighter work loads. Not much about the 'kids' under those terms.

So, to the union -- some people blindly believe the B.S. you spout, but more than you might think have figured out what's important to the teachers and their union, and it isn't students or much about them.

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