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OMI cuts 15 jobs

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Unfortunately, this is the new corporate America. It is all about the bottom line and not the dedicated employees that have been loyal and built the company and watched it grow to what it is today. This is not just about OMI but other companies as well, such as A-dec who did this terrible same thing several years ago. Gone is the dedication of the employer to the long term employee who possesses the most knowledge of the operation of a company and chooses the lesser paid, less knowledgeable employee who helped them get where they are today. Shame on you corporate America.....

Don Dix

I happen to know some of those 'laid off'. Years of loyal service, and it ends with a pink slip. It wouldn't be a surprise if OMI has repeatedly implored employees to be loyal to the company, team effort, and all -- the usual rah-rah treatment. Then drop a hammer on some who are nearing retirement.

And most likely, those let go unwittingly trained their replacements, who receive a reduced salary (seniority pays better). Another blatant slap!

The article states, �We let people go that had a decade or two with us�. That would be a 'watered down' observation -- some of these folks have been there more than 3 decades. In this instance, company loyalty seems to be a one-sided affair. Sorry OMI, but if negative press and public scorn are forthcoming, it is all well deserved!


I just heard of another McMinnville business that "let go" an employee who had punched away 16 years working from the very, very bottom on up to plant manager. 16 years of working hard, very few sick days and was always reluctant to take a vaca day. Dedication was his middle name, yet instead of offering retirement to the one above him who would get it eventually anyways as he has been there 25+ years, they fire the one who could become eligible for retirement soon, thus washing their hands of that unnecessary cost, and brought in a nobody to fill his shoes.
It seems many businesses are saying *-you to their long standing employees in an effort to cut costs- what happened to putting in your time and retiring from a decent company? Those days seem to be long gone. Shameful.

Michael Tubbs Sr

This story got me to thinking about the Japanese salary-men, factory workers and those 'Job for Life' promises that had been implied/made to them back in the late 70's early 80's.

I could be wrong, but I highly doubt any corporation based here in America has ever promised that to any employee. If you can think of one, please name it. Even the United States Navy is downsizing and laying-off some very dedicated sailors that had fully intended/expected to serve-out their own careers to the point of retirement.


.....Unfortunately, this is the new corporate America. It is all about the bottom line .......

Sorry travelinman16 but the bottom line is not the new corporate America. It has always been what drives business. You do not get to get paid anything if the profit is not much.

......what happened to putting in your time and retiring from a decent company? ..............

Manup was there ever really a time when your statement (above) was true?

Many reasons I was always self employed and loyalty from a company was one. There was never any such thing.


myneighbor worked for a nursery in yamhill for over 20 years, he says they have laid off a whole bunch of people who had worked for them anywhere from 8 - 25 years, but they kept a lot of the newer people...makes you wonder if they just want to clean house and get rid of the older folk who probably earn more money


Sounds like the death of a raise. If you put in time, get your raises due to good work performance, being on time, etc. eventually it will come back and bite you in the... bum. Better to turn down the raise you deserve and hope that your low entry level wage keeps you employed. Shameful.

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