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Olson stakes claim on trail process

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Mac Native 66

Last I heard was that the State owns the right-of-way, so how can a trail be put in place.
R.I. Melbo with ODOT told me that the tracks need to be put back in place so that commuter trains can be put in service up to Hillsboro or Beaverton. I know that I would not be using it, because I have a company truck for different job locations I have to set up. But I'd use it for any other time I want to get to Hillsboro or Beaverton.


The existing Railroad Right of Way is currently owned by the Union Pacific Railroad and not the State of Oregon. Yamhill County is currently in negotiations to purchase the ROW from Union Pacific. No physical work can be done on the old Railroad Right of Way or Corridor until it is owned by Yamhill County and not Union Pacific. The Yamhill County Transportation Master Plan adopted in 2014 shows the corridor as what is referred to as a multi modal corridor that can be used for many different purposes as long as they are transportation (bycycle, pedeistrian, vehicular, or train. Yes you are correct that if the use was ever made to be a light rail or train corridor, new bed and tracks would need to be laid in addition to safety crossing, etc. at all roads crossing the corridor. Very seldom are old railroad corridors where the tracks have been removed returned to rail usage due to cost. this also applies to the railroad going over Rex Hill east of Newberg, Those tracks have not carried rail or freight for a number of years and probably never will due to the cost of upgrades. If a new rail from the Valley to the Portland Metro area was ever put in it makes sense to put it there and tie in with the SMART Westsider which runs from Wilsonville to Beaverton.


This ConnectOregon6 grant has been stipulated for a bicycle path. If a bicycle path cannot be constructed then the county will not be reimbursed, and be hung with the 2-million debt. Per ORS296.215, County residents have a right to demand "reasonable mitigation" following a farm-impact study. It only requires one county resident to demand this, and so far several dozen have demanded it. Olson just opened a big can of worms by signing this agreement. The county is already floating on government grants. The last thing we need is more debt to subsidize this meaningless bike trail for Ken Wright Cellars' new hotel in Carlton.


Light-rail would gut our community and turn it into pure streets and stop-lights. If that is what you like then move to Portland.


So why build a bridge if it might not be a trail? Isn't that putting the cart in front of the horse?


"Starrett, whose objection is based partly on the expenditure of public money and partly on what she views as an infringement on individual property rights,"

Is the trail stealing someone's property?
The obvious answer is NO.
How does she justify that statement?


No, it won't take land as in Deed it away, but it will condemn a 100' buffer of farmland on both sides due to new WPS laws that restrict farming practices. Thank you EPA for shutting down our country.


That point of view seems a little suspect to me, maybe I'm wrong but there are city parks in both Yamhill and Carlton that have fields butted up right next to them. Just last week I was at Carlton lower park and spraying activity was going on as usual. There was no 100' buffer as you claim. So, are you saying someone was breaking the law in this case? Please explain.
As far as your claim that this is only to satisfy Ken Wright, you're wrong. A large portion of the community is in favor of this. Are you saying this won't benefit other businesses in the community? You realize that there are 40+ wineries represented in Carlton, along with an ever growing number of restaurants, shops, etc. And more in the works....(the old Madsen Grain building)directly alongside the proposed trail. I guess I don't understand the pessimism of your "meaningless trail" when there are so many people in favor of it. It seems a little harsh to attack Ken Wright when he's done so much to improve Carlton as a whole. If you remember Carlton 20 years ago, there wasn't much of anything.
So in your eyes, more avenues to come to Carlton WILL NOT bring in more commerce to all businesses? Please explain your logic.


Do people drink wine at these wineries and then ride their bike home? Do they carry their wine on their bikes? I find it hard to believe that wine drinkers will want to ride to cove orchard and back. How many newly purchased goods can you carry home on a bike /bike trail that does not connect up to some other public transportation system? The trail will be starting at gun club road with no trail head and go to cove orchard with no trail head. Not much to buy in Cove Orchard or at Gun Club road. Maybe the wineries can put trails around their vineyards if the bicycle crowd is such a huge consumer of alcoholic products instead of dumping the cost onto the taxpayers! How much bike traffic would there have been in the last 5 months with 40 plus inches of rain?


Shasta were they spreading fertilizer or spraying fungicides? Big difference.


Shasta- yes the trail has the potential to steal someone's property and certainly their right to farm their property. In all the buzz surrounding the wine industry let us not forget the backbone of Carlton is still farming. We must protect farmers and farm land. I don't know Ken Wright personally and I don't know his motivations although I suspect that since he is a business man he sees profit in the trail. There is plenty of room for the wine industry and farming to coexist in Carlton without this trail. The trail does in fact threaten farmers and a long history of a way of life in Carlton. I for one, will never sell any farmland to anyone wanting to build hotels in Carlton or allow development that hurts farmers. It is wrong.

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