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Officer reinstatement to cost city big bucks

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This ruling would be laughable if it was not so despicable. Heidt clearly has a history of questionable actions and activities. The lunatics are truly running the asylum!


The sense of entitlement by this guy and his wife is remarkable. At some point in our society's history, a person who had shamed his city to this level would quietly leave the area, tail tucked between legs, to seek a job elsewhere.

Not Tim Heidt!

Boy howdy, Mr. Heidt can hold his head up proudly after all this-- that is, if he's sober enough to hold his head up at all.

What I want to know is: how does the Mac PD anticipate dealing with a citizenry who has neither confidence in nor respect for the soon-to-be-reinstated Office Heidt. Having an officer on your force who is a laughingstock serves absolutely no useful purpose.


I totally and completely agree with the two previous comments. A ticking time bomb for the county. I can't even imagine that colleagues will want to work with him. I know Hipolito and he is the nicest and most respectful person and does not have a mean spirited bone in his body. He is a gentle soul and a friend to many. What he received from Heidt was so undeserved. What may become of the next victim? Shameful!


The system is twisted. It doesn't work for the rest of us. There is absolutely no justice.

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