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Now that's a show

Event literally offers something for everyone

Starla Pointer / News-Register
Owen TenBrook, 13, tells judge Sally Forster about his pet rock, who he said is a real rock star.

If you're a good showman, you can show anything. 

No one knows that more than Owen TenBrook, a 13-year-old middle schooler from Newberg. He wowed the judge and the audience at the cat and small pet show Wednesday afternoon and took home the top prize in his category, which I'm guess you'd have to call "other."

Owen showed a rock.

More precisely, Owen showed a pet rock named "Rocky 'The Destroctor' Jefferson." He tied a bandana around Rocky's head, a la Keith Richards, and plopped him down behind a drum kit built from cardboard tools. 

He told judge Sally Forster all about Rocky's interests -- which, naturally, including hanging out with the Rolling Stones and many other rock stars. He talked about his pet's history, too. Owen adopted Rocky after finding him laying around on the beach.

"So he's all washed up?" the judge quipped.

No way, Owen indicated. Rocky has plenty of stadiums in his future.

After all, he said, "it's always time to rock."

And, for the next three days, it's always time for the Yamhill County Fair & Rodeo. Spend some time there -- you may not get to see Rocky, but you'll find plenty of other shows, displays and things to do.

The fair opens at 10 a.m. daily. Admission is $10 for adults and $7 for kids, but children 12 and younger get in free before 3 p.m. Parking on the fairgrounds costs $3 and the lot may fill up during the vening rodeo shows and concerts.



Love this story!!! Creative imagination, thought those went out when game boys, xbox, cell phones etc...all came out. Nice to see I was proven wrong! Good job Owen!!!


I second that and extend my kudos to Starla Pointer, who captured Owen's creativity very creatively herself. I think the story also reflected some welcome imagination.
Steve Bagwell, Managing Editor

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