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Nonprofit tax law needs a careful policy review

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There is no gray area. You just can't co mingle for profits and non profits.

The whole Evergreen complex is a great asset to the community but the waterpark prices aren't even close to the non profit prices charged at a few other places around Oregon. They should have an in county price for locals to make it reasonable for a whole family to attend.

You can co-mingle the private land the non-profits businesses sit on and expect a tax break.


donate the land and all the planes to the non-profit company and then the issue takes care of itself. If you are really serious about this complex being a non profit then do that SIMPLE thing and then the IRS will get off your back. If yo don't do this then they will always see you as trying to play both sides of the fence and they WON'T ease up on you.

I wish you the best of luck as the Museum and the waterpark are great assets and we would all hate to lose them in a dumb fight over who's attorneys are smarter....the feds almost always win that battle.

Best of Luck for all our benefit.


I think the real tax relief should come to all ex-Evergreen employees who were indiscriminantly fired at will for no reason over the many, many years of Evergreen existence. There is a large contingent of people who feel no sorrow for Evergreen and its management in general. Doesn't anyone put together the fact that if Evergreen is relieved of several hundred thousands of dollars in property taxes, then the rest of us will have to pick up the slack for them? Especially for that tax burden that's known as bonded indebtedness. That amount must be paid, and if Evergreen doesn't pay, then all the rest of us have to pay it for them. Call the Assessor's Office and confirm this. Evergreen is making a case that a waterpark is non-profit and/or educational. Get real, it's a waterpark!

E.J. Farrar

hardwood, it's hard to argue with your logic.

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