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Noble provides session recap to commissioners

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SP 719 doesn't even deal with the symptom. It is an egregious insult to due process, which is everyone's basic right. Thanks to this bill, the police can confiscate anyone's guns on someone's untrained whim, in secret hearing. Boquist should resign from office.


"He was proud of a bill he sponsored, requiring school districts to conduct background checks on all volunteers who have direct, unsupervised contact with children."

My son is grown now, but I volunteered many, many hours of work at his grade school tutoring kids in reading and math, helping teachers with their prep work, fundraising and organizing field trips. I'm not sure if it's necessary to ask moms to submit to background checks. I would worry about my personal information. Who would see it? How would it be protected? Is there a problem with parents molesting kids?


It seems to me we would want more parental involvement in their kid's school. A background check is going to be a deterrent. I wouldn't hand over my SS# to anyone.


Exactly. Not unless I'm going to be paid.

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