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Nike creator’s daughter-in-law axed over prom date

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Clicked on the ( link...the details, must be too gory to share.


Like most newspaper websites, the Pendleton East Oregonian site has a paywall. You get the first two paragraphs for free. You have to pay to see more. If you access the story through the newspaper's home page, a pay form will pop up to inform you of your options.
However, I don't think you are missing anything. I'm sure that's where the AP version came from. Chances are, they are virtually identical.
The district isn't talking, so inquiring minds don't get to know.
Steve Bagwell, Managing Editor



Thank you. Actually, I was never offered the opportunity to pay for the privilege of reading the entire article. I'd actually clicked on that link three different times and each time was redirected back to the N-R and had begun to think that I may be suffering a relapse of a certain psychological condition that I probably shouldn't go into describing in great detail at this time.

You know what they say about repeating the same behavior over and over and over again in hope of obtaining a different result. Believe it..or..not, I'd actually started to believe that finally...they've finally gone and done it...everything that had been said by so many over the years is tr


Horrible things usually start small...ask the infamous Kevin Keyfes the friendly, helpful math teacher who taught at Duniway about 10 years ago.
Message to those that work with our kids in the public schools: WE WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS CRAP!!!



What, no honorable mention for Jerry Sandusky and his most recent claim to fame?

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