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News-Register says goodbye to its carriers

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My younger siblings also delivered the News Register for years, Cecilio, Luisa, Tommy, Ruben and the youngest Mary. Many early, early mornings I'd see at least 3 of my little brothers and sisters, folding the papers to get ready to go out on their routes, their bikes were parked on the porch at the ready. Bless them, to this day they work just as hard as when they worked for the News Register.


I delivered the New Register in Carlton for seven years during the 60's. As many have already stated, not only did we deliver ( without plastic bags) meaning wet papers many times, we also had to collect from the customers once a month to get our money as we paid the motor carrier for our papers up front.. I started a checking account at age 12 to start managing my " paper businesses". I delivered for another paper at the same time and had to remember which customer got one or the other or both. This was my start to learning about real business. I will never forget it and am sorry to see it go.

Martha de Forest

I was privilaged to be part of an era. The struggle and triumph in achieving News Paper Carrier of the Year is one of my proudest accomplishments. I still have a calculator that I won in one of the contests.

Riding a bicycle in the snow and rain, throwing papers with accuracy, fresh air, customer relations. Fond memories.


So disappointed my children will never have this expierience and opportunity to contribute, earn, and learn.

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