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Our recommendations for voting in contested races in the November general election

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Ramsey McPhillips

I, for one, am so tired of the overbearing ideologues that make up the Commission and hope a more middle of the road person, such as Denise Bacon will make it easier to conduct business with and for the County. Mr. Springer seems like a real nice guy, certainly colorful!, but why does he want to be Commissioner if his goal is to act as its suicide bomber... I want a representative who does not declare they plan to undermine the body for which they are asking to serve. I am tired of agendas... I just want reasoned and thoughtful interpretations of the laws as well as someone who feels it is an honor to serve in County government.

Here is what the Newberg Graphic's Editorial Board said about Denise Bacon.

"We believe Bacon’s consensus-building skills and her approach to working with people is a better fit for the three-person commission than Allen Springer’s sometimes brash and overly confident nature. Bacon correctly understands, we believe, the role of government, whereas Springer oftentimes displays an anti-government bent that seems at odds with someone seeking political office.
It is worth noting that our five-member editorial board unanimously chose Bacon despite the fact that three members are staunch conservatives. That says a lot about Bacon’s qualifications and her ability to reach across party lines to get the job done."


I agree with you Ramsey.

I was very surprised to see the Register endorse Mr. Springer. Newberg Graphic got it right and endorsed the person that would be the better fit for a role that a Commissioner should fill in our county. That role includes a consensus builder and collaborator. From what I've read and heard others say of Mr. Springer concerns me deeply. One thing the County does not need is an idealogue on the Board. Yamhill Country has the potential for devisive clashes between progressive-minded and conservative-minded individuals. Adding a conservative-minded idealogue to the Board will only make those clashes more likely and will reduce county-wide collaborative efforts.


I just want Christianity left out of politics. I don't care if a person is fundamentally a Christian but keep it to yourself. The candidates the NR has endorsed are not able to do that, and their INTERPRETATIONS of God and their Christian fundamentalism drives their decisions. This scares me for the direction of our Country and our Communities.

Dances with Redwoods

"I just want Christianity left out of politics."

Can't think of anything else you'd want left out of politics, baffled&bewildered, just that, nothing else?

Fact is, every soul on this planet has their own/personal INTERPRETATIONS of God, Does a man not have the constitutional right to publicly declare his conscience, the same as he has to privately cast his vote?


Dances - Ha, ha! Sorry for using the "just " word. So literal!.

I don't agree with all you have to say, just as you don't agree with many things that are said...

I do not think our government should impose their Christian ideology on the populace they are serving. Abortion, contraception, (Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan) just to name a few, or even the idea that "God" wanted Mr. Springer to run for county commissioner. This community is so under represented in terms of the diversity of spiritual/religious beliefs in the world. I haven't heard of a Buddhist Temple or Jewish Temple or Muslim Temple in our county. If they are here, they are a well kept secret. Anyway, I'm rambling. I've voted and I will be glad when the election drama is over.

Dances with Redwoods

baffled, no biggie, in terms of being under under-represented spiritually/religious wise, as far as diversity goes, most community's in America are. People of the Buddist, Jewish, Muslim faiths don't build Christian churchs.

Take sodomites for instance, do they not tend to flock together as birds of a feather will do. Of course they do, same as Buddists, Jewish, Muslims, Christians collectively will in any country, anywhere else on the planet.

People will vote for whatever they believe works best, whatever that is... I agree with you, I'll be glad when all the election drama is over, too.

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