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Newberg woman killed in Marion County crash

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Being Realistic

This is a very tragic situation for the woman's family and for the driver of the other vehicle, even if it was not his fault, it must be devestating to be involved in a crash where there is a fatality. My heart and prayers go out to both families.


So sad. We should all enjoy every day we get on this planet earth because but for the grace of God there goes any of us anytime we get behind the wheel.
My prayers go out to all involved. I hope they find peace and comfort.

Just saying...

Very sad situation.

I think I recognize that truck logo, is it that nursery in Carlton or Yamhill - was this guy on the job when the accident happened?


Yes. He was on the job, driving for Bailey Nurseries out of Yamhill.
Steve Bagwell, Managing Editor


What difference does it make if he was on the job? Seems like the message here is about how fragile our lives are and how we should live everyday to it's fullest.

Being Realistic

i think it was just a question, not that it mattered whether he was on the job or not, just wanting to know, i wondered the same thing when i saw the picture just out of curiosity.

I hope both families are finding peace.

Live and let Live

I appreciate knowing it happened while at work just because employers normally have programs and resources to help people who have had a tragic experience that is work-related, or not through EAP's and other benefits - sometimes people who do not have medical insurance, etc. have no where to go, so I hope that Bailey Nurseries gives their employee support if he needs it, it really is something that can tear you appart if you don't deal with it properly. You didn't take someone's life if you were not at fault but you were still there when it happened, you were part of it in some way and that's something you don't forget.

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