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Newberg teacher arrested

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Rock on! Was she at a private residence when occured? Other then that...She was 18, had the ability to think for herself as an "adult". You can drink on private property as a minor(for alcohol), it is not illegal.
Please show me in the constitution to prove me wrong!


OK. Your'e on.

Oregon Revised Statutes § 471.410:
(1) A person may not sell, give or otherwise make available any alcoholic liquor to any person who is visibly intoxicated.
(2) No one other than the person's parent or guardian may sell, give or otherwise make available any alcoholic liquor to a person under the age of 21 years. A parent or guardian may give or otherwise make alcoholic liquor available to a person under the age of 21 years only if the person is in a private residence and is accompanied by the parent or guardian. A person violates this subsection who sells, gives or otherwise makes available alcoholic liquor to a person with the knowledge that the person to whom the liquor is made available will violate this subsection.
(3) A person who exercises control over private real property may not knowingly allow any other person under the age of 21 years who is not a child or minor ward of the person to consume alcoholic liquor on the property, or allow any other person under the age of 21 years who is not a child or minor ward of the person to remain on the property if the person under the age of 21 years consumes alcoholic liquor on the property.

The authority you invoke is available only to a parent or legal guardian, and the law makes no distinction at 18, only at 21.
Under Oregon law, it is illegal to supply a minor other than your own offspring or legal charge with alcohol at any venue anywhere, even in your own home.
Steve Bagwell, Managing Editor

John Smith Jr

Great job Steve!

This is disgusting, more and more teachers are finding ways to abuse our youth in different ways - what did he want to do next, take advantage of the girl? The fact that he was a teacher, in my opinion, makes this a more serious issue.


Don't just blame the teacher blame the hussy that probably talked to into getting booze, Im sure that teenage girl is not all the innocent. Ya shame on the teacher for buying her booze but Im sure she wanted to get wasted too..



Home is private property, The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution clearly says..

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

Alcohol in a 29 year old's dwelling...Yup that's suspicious(sarcasm)..but not enough for a warrant. IT only says he the Public Servent received information. That is not probable cause.

If that's the case, someone can report you for a false crime, and police can get a warrant based on hearsay. But its not, cause thats illegal.

"The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government."

Patrick Henry

If you believe the law applies to your freedoms, you have the constitution backwards... and perhaps you should do some more research into history. Just because a judge issues a warrant, or a police officer swears on oath,or because the news register reports on it, doesn't make it legal.

"Let us therefore animate and encourage each other, and show the world that a free man, contending for his liberty on his own ground, is superior to any slavish mercenary on earth."
George Washington, July 2, 1776

If Tyranny is what you wish, Then so be it...The founding fathers are rolling in their grave.


My guess is that the arrest comes from the minors statement to the investigator. The statute seems clear that serving minors other than your children is not legal even on your own property. I doubt the founding fathers have a big problem with this charge.

John Smith Jr

Give it up Ronpaul2012, you're in the wrong here, the kid was not his kid, he should not have served her alcohol.

Pete, if a 10 year old begs you for a cigarrette, you're going to give in too? If the girl was 16 and she really wanted to sleep with him, he should do it because she wants to? NO. He is the adult and in a position of power and supposed to care about minors, he made a stupid mistake, he needs to pay for it.


The Constitution does not limit someones freedoms just because it is their kid or not, it implies to every person regardless of age, race, religion, location ect...

He did not kidnap her, He did not force her, She came willingly at the age of an adult..

John Smith - You call her a kid, Not sure if that's some way you are trying to dramatize the situation maybe even for your own fueled rage.. But she is 18, and in the courts she is an adult.

10 year olds get a cocktail of extremely harmful chemicals from birth injected into their blood.. By following the recommendation set by their doctor. Forced upon the doctor by the WHO, FDA, Big Pharma.

Way worse then cigarettes or alcohol, but those same interests help create laws for revenue generation..

I don't take sides, I commented because it's a legit concern as a citizen that my tax dollars be wasted clogging up courts, and police time. When there is REAL crime.

When someone violates your rights.
psychically injures you,
Damage to private property.

Those are crimes, I did not see any here.



At the time our founding fathers had penned the constitution, girls were considered to be women at a 'more' earlier age. More, is as subjective as the actual intent of our constitution is, has been ..or.. has yet to be implied....

....nothing is for certain when speaking for the dead.

John Smith Jr

listen ronpaul, don't try to read more into what I'm saying, I'm not the one trying to add drama, I say kid because to me, even a 20-something is a kid, just comes with old age I guess, you might be a kid in my eyes too. This guy is almost twice the gir's age and being a teacher, he should have seen her as a kid too.

....serving alcohol to minors IS a crime, so yeah, courts and police have to deal with it.


Why exactly did the teen accept the alcohol, and why exactly was she alone with a teacher anywhere?

Sounds like they were both in the wrong, and underage at the time or not, she could have walked away, she could have told her parents immediately, why the delay of however long? Was she hot for teacher? Yes, hold the teacher to the flame- he knew better, I wouldn't want him teaching my children if he can't figure this small detail out, but shouldn't the girl also be held to her own fire? And what of her parents? Why do we keep insisting that one person be prosecuted to all extents, yet do not insist that the other have some culpability in the situation? She didn't have to accept the booze! Oh yeah, all in the name of money. Curious how soon it will be before we hear about the girl or her family suing the school district out of money we just don't have....


No way does the blame fall on the teen.....The teacher is an adult, he is also in a position of power being a teacher....he was wrong to put himself (and her) in that position to begin with......It's easy to say she should have done this or shouldn't have done that but she is the victim in this situation.

By the way, school districts have insurance policy's to cover this kind of liability so I doubt the district will have much risk monetarily.


"....serving alcohol to minors IS a crime, so yeah, courts and police have to deal with it."

I agree with John.


Victim or no victim, we ALL HAVE to be accountable for our actions that we as individuals take in our lives.
Too many people find it easier to point the finger at someone else and say "they are the one's to blame" and look where it has gotten us! Frivolous lawsuits, an entire generation who has no concept of respect or rules, and a mentality that always believes "it" is someone else's fault.
The teen is to blame as well, she is old enough to know better, and had she never put herself in that scenario, or at the least left immediately, she could then be assured SHE did the right thing, but as far as I understand- THAT DID NOT HAPPEN, therefore, she should also be held accountable for her own actions.

If my kid is offered a drink by an adult- the adult is responsible for their actions- BUT, when my kid accepts that drink freely, they are now ALSO at fault because my child is taught that it is not acceptable behavior for a teen.

It doesn't take the adult off the hook, but it DOES insure that my teen learn from her own mistakes AS WELL.


You sound like a good Mom. If there were more Mom's like you, we probably wouldn't be in half the mess we now find ourselves (as a society) to be in. Would we?


Manup- How does a child or young adult accept a drink "freely" from an adult?. The two people are not equal. This scenerio presents is a huge mixed message for the student when this type of offer comes from an adult and compounded by the fact that he is a teacher.The power in this situation is all his..... blaming the victim is failing to understand the psycological factors in play.

John Smith Jr

I agree with Hacksaw - I would compare this to statutory rape in the sense that, a minor cannot consent to an adult, "kids" are more volnureable, they are naive, they do things to try to please adults, etc. etc. -- if it was a 21 year old and a 19 year old, maybe I'd be a bit more sympathetic, they are almost the same age, probably friends, but an adult teacher with a minor child, no way.

John Smith Jr

and by minor i am referring to the underage for drinking part, of course.


a person who is too young to drink should not be drinking, and a teacher should never drink with a student or give them alcohol, it's common sense


9 . almost 10 year difference. She is 18, an adult by law.. and alcohol?
I'm sure 80% of the people in this world have had some form of alcohol before the age of 21. We must go after the Adult! Yeah that will teach all the other repeat offenders cause the system is broke, only used for money generation.

My grandmother and grandfather been married since one was 17, they are 12 years apart...must make them criminals too.

troy prouty

Drinking age is 21. This isn't Idaho in the 80's and even then it would be only 19.

Home is private property - But if I commit a crime on my (property) it's still a crime. The law clearly defines who can and can't do things in this instance. Just ask a portland area mom after hosting a party in which alcohol was brought (even though) she tried to enforce only people of age to drink. Not a good outcome.

Why pesonally i feel it to be here is your citation type approach instead of hold out your hands so I can put the cuffs on. It is what it is.

Now if you want to complain about laws, laws and more laws - Trust me I know. It seems there is a law for almost everything, we are certainly losing many freedoms because of it and I personally believe at least 1/3 of the laws passed are not necessary because they either already have laws in place that deal with it from another angle or they are so special interest - it doesn't do much.

Troy Prouty*

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