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Newberg Key Bank robbed at gunpoint

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troy prouty

The motion is not good. It needs to stay below Shoulder level or a restirction of motion happens. Grrr.. People never learn.

Troy Prouty*


Lol! I don't think it was going to be used to fire, just intimidation.


* note that this person is mentally handicapped.


hey come on, maybe he had bills to pay...


Idiot! All he had to do was ask for the money and smile, then he wouldn't be looking at an armed robbery charge. He must not read the NR.

Lookin for trouble

Nate, what the heck is wrong with you? why do you comment on all stories that this person is menatlly handicapped?


He doesn't.

skull crusher

I personally think Nate is on to something here! lol


He's definitely on something.

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