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New Year's baby makes surprise appearance

Submitted photo
Newborn Trevor Stanley with his mother, Amanda, father Ian and brother Evan.
Submitted photo
Newborn Trevor Stanley with his mother, Amanda, father Ian and brother Evan.

He was born by cesarean section at 1:55 a.m. New Year’s Day at the Willamette Valley Medical Center. His early arrival made the 8-pound, 12-ounce boy McMinnville’s first baby of the new year.

Young Trevor Allan followed his big brother’s footsteps in becoming a holiday baby. Evan made his entrance on Mother’s Day.

Amanda and Ian Stanley were spending New Year’s Eve at home with 3 1/3-year-old Evan, watching “Puss in Boots.” Because Evan required an emergency cesarean, Amanda had been scheduled for a cesarean delivery of Trevor on Jan. 5.

About 10:30 p.m., Amanda decided she was too tired to stay up and headed to bed.

“When I got to the top of the stairs, my water broke,” she said. “We grabbed a bunch of towels and headed out.”

Icy conditions injected a note of worry.

But Amanda said, “We actually were really blessed. We got behind a de-icer, and for some reason it was moving quickly. So we just hung out and made it out there.”

She had called ahead to make sure her obstetrician, Dr. John Neeld, would be available. She was relieved to learn he was on call New Year’s Eve.

Still, as her husband navigated the dark country roads around Hopewell, she was feeling some tension.

She laughs about it now. At the time, she couldn’t remember how far apart the contractions were coming, and was wondering whether they’d make it in time.

“I was trying to focus on my breathing; to make sure my young son didn’t get scared, because he was in the car with us; and to make sure I didn’t use any language he shouldn’t hear,” she said.

All four grandparents, Steve and Mary Stanley, both of Salem, and Amanda’s sister and parents, Brian and Leanna Raab of Keizer, also braved the icy roads. At the hospital, they rang in the New Year by helping to watch over Evan, who was a bit confused by the whole business.

Before Evan was born, she said, they checked out various hospitals, including Willamette Valley.

They initially decided to opt for a home birth with a midwife, but when shoulder displasia forced her to undergo an emergency cesarean section, they ended up at Willamette Valley. They were so pleased with the experience, they it was the obvious choice this time.

In honor of Trevor’s first-baby status, the hospital, its staff and community businesses assembled a commemoration necklace, handmade baby blankets, a breast-feeding pillow and other items, and packed them into a big wicker “Moses” basket. Amanda said she was very moved by the gesture.

Back home now, she said the family is settling into a routine as it bonds with its newest member. Evan is already embracing his new role, helping to fetch fresh blankets and warm the diaper wipes for his little brother, she said.

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