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New station already proving its worth

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Just curious .... how does the Fire Department get past the zoning requirements to do this? Any other business/organization would have great difficulty setting this up in a residential neighborhood I would guess.

Michael Tubbs Sr


Perhaps it was deemed suitable because it's located on a road, and not a street?


On Aug. 20, the McMinnville Planning Commission approved a fire department request to make ambulance substations an outright use, thus not subject to the conditional use process, which requires hearings. You can find the story at:
Steve Bagwell
Managing Editor


Thank you. It should work great. Just looks out of place with all of the houses.


Kudos to MFD for this action. Great asset to the communities they're serving. Thanks, MFD.


We are really blessed in this town with a great fire department. It amazes me to think that 24/7 365, one phone call to 911 will bring these guys to our homes within 6 minutes. Thanks for all you do MFD!!!


New to McMinnville and live in NW area with small children, happy to see the substation go in!

skull crusher

Glad I don't live near that house when they get a 3am call!

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