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New rails to trails idea broached

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Mr Wright and Commissioner Stern are right on the money. Quite literally.

The "Rails to Trails" concept is a tried and true tourism based economy builder and now is the time to act. Personally, as a former tourism industry stake holder on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, I have seen trail development work wonders for connected communities in and around Victoria BC.

For over twenty years, the multi use "Galloping Goose Trail has been a successful economic driver.
Hundreds of small businesses like bike shops, tour operators, accommodation providers cafe's and restaurants all benefit from the thousands of locals and travelers who enjoy it each day.

The trail is completely integrated into both the community and is connected to regional transit in a similar way that is being thought of by Mr. Wright.

No doubt the fine folks at the Capital Region District, Tourism Victoria and Tourism Vancouver Island would be happy to share their experience.

If you would like to learn more about the Galloping Goose Trail and catch a glimpse of the kind of
successful economic development this type of project could bring, have a look at these websites.

Scott S

DO IT! And then find a way to connect it the rest of the way into McMinnville.

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