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New Oregon GOP chairman faces election challenge

PORTLAND — Four county Republican leaders have challenged the election of former congressional candidate Art Robinson as chairman of the Oregon GOP.

Robinson was elected last weekend on the third ballot, defeating Bill Currier 55-52.

The Oregonian reports the challenge comes from Republicans in Benton and Baker counties, but it's unclear how far it will go. Currier said he won't support the challenge.

It alleges John Lee, Clackamas County chair and party credentials chairman, interfered with the election, destroyed two ballots and had a “known bias” against Currier.

Currier was ahead after two ballots, but there was a dispute over how many people should have been allowed to vote.

The challengers want the third ballot thrown out.

Lee denied the allegations and said Currier will be a good vice chairman.


Information from: The Oregonian,

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