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New operators lined up at Mac airport

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Sounds interesting to me. I only can hope that this will not lead to noisy aircraft traffic crossing our homes. And I know what I'm talking about. Once living in AZ close to a small county airport it dove us nuts and finally to sell the house. I hope that city and county officials will handle all this with care.


Macminnville is growing and needed for a good economy not much can be done for those homes effected by planes flying into the airport, personally I'm an airplane nut that i run to see type plane is flying in, as long as there are no large commercials which i don't think this airport is capable of handling.


So let's cross fingers that this flying beauties are crossing your home so you can enjoy all the fun which I happily leave to you . I know how noisy even this small aircrafts are.


I realize my likes of planes Isn't every ones cup of tea, however feel blessed that most flying in are the smaller planes, I live directly in the flight path and inside my mfg home its not much louder than a bumble Bee, I gained my love of planes many yrs ago serving our Country.


Change is not easy. In the long run, it's generally for the better of all involved. A lot of the older homes should have pretty good insulation in em and the noise should not be to big of a problem.


We live in the country for tranquility and hope the new operators will train pilots to come in from the north and not cut in from the south

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