By Nathalie Hardy • Columnist • 

New landfill fund to cover trail match

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happy slap

It could go to plant trees, it could also be used for prairie habitat restoration to help save the 'fenders blue'.

I believe the best use the funds would be for environmental healing, and trails built on and around the landfill once it has finally closed.


Once the landfill has "finally closed," there will be no more revenue. It's what Waste Management pays for the privilege of dumping. No more dumping, on more dumping fees.

happy slap

I agree, there should be no more dumping on more dumping fees, I just see a different use for a finite amount of opportunity for use of the money is derived. There has been much gnawing and gnashing of teeth over prairie restoration funding for Kincaid's lupine and the fender's blue butterfly, of which in all probability, 5 generations ago, a relative of Ramsey had had on some occasion, an opportunity to view one, as it frolicked and fluttered about the end of his (or her) nose, out there on what was once a prairie savanna.

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