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New education chief upset with school goals

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The past 3 years we've all had to do more with less. Why should the school districts be any different?


Exactly, we have all had to do more with less, but we still have to create goals that we want to achieve in our businesses and schools. An increase in sales, better test scores, a better quality product.

Let's raise the bar in both our businesses and our schools!


I would like the News-Register to post what the McMinnville School District's new performance measures were for this coming year!


those kids are our future community leaders, employees in the businesses we visit, etc. - education has to be a priority, aim for the moon! setting the goals low only creates a situation where people are ok with low achivements, the schools can do better, i know teachers do a lot but sometimes the system is just not that great, time to really take a look at it and set reasonalbe but challenging goals


All the humbug, yet when I researched the report card for Sheridan schools I was floored by how poorly they were graded. How can a school be allowed to teach when they themselves are graded so low? With the exception of the Japanese school, the other public schools in Sheridan are near failing, yet we send our kids to them and hold none accountable?



That's why a lot of families are choosing not to send their kids to public school. They are doing it themselves, usually with much better results.


It seems that regardless of budget cuts our children would be taught with the same level of care and expect only the best- yet Oregon schools are plagued with teachers who insist on having inappropriate relations with the children and the children are pushed through grade after grade whether they can read or write.
How can a high school allow a child to graduate WITH a diploma when that child can not spell or read beyond Kindergarden levels? Why dont the schools insist on helping the child instead of passing the problem on?
They need a complete overhaul to weed out those who chose it as a job and those who dreamed of it as a career.

Curious if those who choose to home school get atax break? Shouldn't they?


"Kindergarten" Oops..

Homeschool families do not get a tax break but it sure would be nice if they did. They should get at least a portion of what the school district doesn't receive from the government.

Don Dix

Remember, the money received by the school districts does not originate at the government level. It's actually your taxes collected by the Dept. of Revenue. By the time the OEA and it's enablers in the legislature take their unwarranted share, there is little left to actually educate Oregon's youth. And the students are always at the end of the line.

That's the backward approach that has crippled Oregon's school system, unless one thinks the students are less important than perks and bennys.



Thanks! Not sure I could even blame that one on an auto correct, I do believe it was all me!

If there is billions in the budget, or ItIs all done through volunteers, the WAY of teaching should still have some value, a level of expectations should be clear, and students who do not meet those guidelines should have special help to pull them up, not push them through. Teachers should never be employed because they can teach, they should be employed because they want to teach, because that is what helps make a difference- teachers who care more about teaching.

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