By Nathalie Hardy • Columnist • 

New clerk already making changes

But her newly elected replacement, former printing company executive Brian Van Bergen, has already submitted several. He’s been using them to announce organizational and operational changes, which Commissioner Mary Stern termed a welcome change.

Van Bergen said he still has a lot to learn, but added, “I’m feeling good about how things are going. The folks are are amazing and, thankfully, very patient.

“We’re trying to tackle as many things as soon as we can — improving the website and reviewing fees to make sure they are fair, as well as preparing for the May district elections.”

He’s also proposing to begin accepting debit and credit cards instead of limiting fee payments to cash or check. He said the logistics are daunting, “but it will be beneficial for us, as well as for the people coming through the front door.”

That promises to also open the door to acceptance of e-recordings from title companies, which Jan Winder of First American Title termed “exciting news.” She said, “People keep asking us if Yamhill County has started doing e-recordings,” joining many others, including some of the smaller ones.

Van Bergen is also striving to smooth strained relationships within the office. In keeping with that, every member of his staff received flowers on Valentine’s Day.



Strained relationships within that office? Here I thought it was all love and sunshine. Sounds like our new County Clerk is doing alright, he has a good and hard working crew of ladies to work with, except for that one paranoid employee that has always worried about her job. But then these days aren't we all? Mr. Van Bergen is doing just fine as far as this member of the community is concerned.

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