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New chief getting feel for Carlton

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"holds a bachelor's degree in criminal justice administration and a master's degree in public administration" ?????????? Carlton??????? My ex was a police officer in Carlton..for younger men it is an experience building stepping stone to higher ambitions...Curious he states he is looking to buy a house...why so much education to work in such a small town?????? Things that make you say hmmmmmm...


I did some further research after my above comment...found out he applied to Carlton due to sour grapes after not getting the Police Chief position in Lebanon, who he worked for 23 years. I realize city politics, but you have to wonder...23 years and they wouldn't hire him as Police Chief...not fair, but sad he gave up a long term career to come to ....Carlton....don't get me wrong, I love Carlton, have many friends who live there, but now that they no longer have the Log Cabin(as in my ex's days) there really isn't much for police officers to do. Left wondering if he made the right decision to leave friends & family solely because of his disgruntlement?


raindrop55 ~
I am an police officer, one of many from a variety of agencies who live in Carlton. I am extremely happy Carlton was able to hire someone as well qualified and devoted to his career as Chief Martinez. Perhaps he will use his time here as a stepping stone as you pointed out young officers wanting a career in a larger agencies regularly do, or maybe he simply was ready for a change and a new challenge.

Either way, instead of trying to find some fault or publish random rumors; I for one say "Thank you for accepting the job offer Chief Martinez! Welcome to Carlton".


I second your sentiments smoore!

raindrop55 and any others just wanting to only focus on negative or only spend their energies trying to dig up dirt on people should possibly recall Lincoln's words of wisdom.........
"If you look for the bad in people you will surely find it."
Makes me wonder what we would find if we spent just as much energy only looking for bad things about raindrop55 or other naysayers! ;) $.02

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