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New buyer emerges for KLYC Radio

David W. Adams, talk show host at KGAL in Albany, and his wife, Norma (Hergistad) Adams, employee of a law firm in McMinnville, have signed an offer to purchase the station’s assets for $50,000.

The offer, filed in Yamhill County Circuit Court with probate records of the late Larry Bohnsack, included a pair of May deadlines that passed by the time surviving spouse and personal estate representative Laurel “Stella” Bohnsack obtained a court order authorizing her to vote the radio station’s stock affirmatively. However, Adams said he was happy to extend them.

The station is owned by Bohnsack Strategies, which filed a notification of Suspension of Operations and request for a 180-day Silent Special Temporary Authorization with the Federal Communications Commission in April. Stella Bohnsack owns 10 percent of the stock, while the estate, in which she is one of the heirs, owns the other 90 percent.

Court records indicate, “When the radio station was a going concern, the corporation received a conditional offer to purchase the radio station, including all related equipment and licenses, for a net sales price of $180,000. The prospective purchaser terminated his offer when the conditions to complete the sale could not be satisfied. Now that the radio station is no longer a going concern, the only saleable assets of the corporation are miscellaneous items of equipment and the FCC license.”

Adams, who served as news director at KBND before making the move to KGAL, said there are still some issues requiring resolution. In addition to finalizing the purchase agreement, he said, he still needs to finalize a Local Marketing Agreement authorizing him to resume broadcasting at the station pending formal transfer of the FCC license.

But he said he had every expectation of the deal going through. In fact, he said that if all goes well, the station could be back on the air by next week.

“We’ve done an ample amount of due diligence,” he said. “We know what the issues are.”

The Adamses, married just last month, have been living in Independence — halfway between his employment in Albany and hers in McMinnville. He said they plan to make the move to Mac once the deal clears.

Employed by Dave and Dianne Haugeberg of the law firm of Haugeberg, Reuter, Gowell, Fredricks & Higgins, Norma said they would both be glad to end their commuting. She said they planned to become visible and active members of the community.

Adams also operates a Christian website, The Jesus Network, at, and a veterans’ website, Operation Eagles Wings, at, in conjunction with a coalition of veterans’ organizations.

He said he had formed a new limited liability company in May, Celebrate Life Media, to serve as an umbrella for the KLYC operation. “It’s a Christian company, but not everything we do will be preaching the gospel,” he said.

Adams said he wants to make KYLC become the flagship of a larger operation over time. “We know the shape of the facility and what needs to happen to get it going again,” he said.

He has been in broadcasting since high school. During his time in Bend, he hosted Take 5, a show honored for excellence by the Oregon Association of Broadcasters. In Albany, he has been hosting a show called “Valley Talk.”

He said his pledge to members of the community was to bring back “the radio station you knew and loved,” hopefully as a starting point for bigger things eventually.

“We want to give you your station back,” he said. “We’ll shout it from the rooftops when we’re ready to go.”

The earlier sale agreement dissolved in mid-March. That led Bohnsack to close the operation the following week, pulling the plug at 1 p.m. Friday, March 22.

She said she was thrilled to find a team willing to do what it takes to restore the local operation.

“I’m delighted the community will get its local radio station back with similar music and a revival of local programming,” Bohnsack said. “Dave and Norma have great professionalism and integrity, and they take the interests of the community to heart. I hope the community welcomes them as much as I do.”



I can't wait! This is fantastic. We all have missed KLYC. When my in-laws would come to visit, they loved the music who wouldn't oldies but goodies,news, traffic alerts etc.. There was always something interesting on. Thank you for bringing KYLC back.

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