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New brewery seeks pledges

The brewery is going into McMinnville’s Granary District. It is soliciting pledges of $10 to $2,000 at

Various incentives are being offered at various levels of investment. For pledges of $250 or more, the package includes a one-year Pubscribership, a membership entitling the holder to locally brewed craft beer on a regular basis.

The concept was developed by McDonald and Vickery. It is based on the Community Supported Agriculture concept, in which customers buy subscriptions entitling them to fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables all year.

They got the idea for the online Kickstarter campaign from butcher Kyle Chriestenson, who is going in next door. Chriestenson just succeeded in raising $15,000 in pledges through Kickstarter, which charges a 5 percent fee.

“It’s a way for people to get on board early and get us going,” McDonald said. “Kyle’s was very successful. It’s a matter of hoping to get the support.”

He said they are gearing up for a late-July opening.

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