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Neighbors take aim at county park site

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Take the money, donate it to Sheridan who is in dire need of family places to enjoy.


I think the people of Whiteson are right. Let their "town" remain a ghost town and fight anything that would improve it. Eventually it can become a resort for nay-sayers and pessimists. Leave them alone and let them have their little slice of purgatory.


As a descriptor, 'purgatory' seems a bit harsh, if not down right rude. What specific improvements have the residents of Whiteson been fighting, marovich1?

Elwyn Behnke

While a park setting along our Yamhill River near Whiteson is a great idea it is not something we can afford at this time. If we have discretionary funds in our county money pool there are more pressing needs. Many of our own are in dire straights without room and board. Children and elders are among the cold and hungry of our community. To create another park that will be inaccessible and off limits is a misguided and unconscious use of our money. I love living In Yamhill County but things could be better. This is an opportunity for us to take the initiative and show some much needed leadership in social evolution. It is time for us to create a humane society for people. For starters, how about a beautiful civic camping park with provisions for warmth, hygiene, food preparation and connections. Don�t tell me it can�t be done, there is too much red tape. The red tapers need to use their abilities and resources to meet the basic needs of �the least of these� among us. Now that we know better it�s time to do better.

Elwyn Behnke

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