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Neighbors angry at pot plant prospect

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Those have to be some of the weakest arguments ever...explosions from butane he isn't using, Migraines, forced to stay indoors because of security cameras?....seems to me like the guy was trying to be upfront with his plans....


Why do the neighbors have to stay inside due to the other neighbor having a security camera? What are they doing out there that should't seen? What does Mr. Momtazi do about all the vehicle exhaust when he opens his winery for the big tasting events? The folks who lived in the home I own had to move out and sell 17 years ago because of all the vineyards moving into the area. They could no longer be outside, or even have their windows open because of " all the horrible spraying constantly". It seemed a little hysterical, but it let me buy a nice home in a beautiful area. It certainly seems like a little hysteria is going on over in Muddy Valley.


In his application, he specifically reserves the right to use chemical solvents in the future. And the solvent of choice in the industry is butane, which is flammable and explosive. That's what triggered the requirement that he install and maintain a 32,000-gallon tank for fire suppression use.


I believe it was also stated that the OLCC would need to approve a permit to change his refining it's clear, at least for now, that the risk of explosion is pretty minimal.

I wonder how much diesel and/or gasoline a vineyard operation stores on his property?

Don Dix

Here's a thot -- maybe a cannabis flavored wine might be the new biggest thing.

About the appeal -- is every issue required to contain maximum drama? Many seem to forget a basic premise of life -- some thing just don't work out -- get over it and move on!

Mrs. Keck (Glenda) also might want to get another opinion of the effects of marijuana on migraine pain. She could be living next door to the pharmacy.


"Neighbor Glenda Keck told commissioners, “I'm not opposed to marijuana," noting she and her husband had both voted for legalization."

I think the Germans have a phrase for that...something like "bekommen, was Sie verdienen."


Just as in every other state which adopts quasi-legalization of cannabis, there will be those who seek to frustrate progress at every step.


Who would have guessed that when you move into and live in a farming area that you would actually get farmers moving in and living next door? On my easterly boundary there is a vineyard. On my southern and westerly boundary is a grass farmer and on my northern boundary is a forest. Everywhere I look people all around me are working and farming the land in one way or another. We all seem to get along. I don't always like it when things get noisy, but I understand that I chose to live in an agricultural county.


My eyesight isn't the best and I can't figure out how to enlarge the photo on this can someone tell Mr Wagner wearing a marijuana leaf cap in that picture?


Good point Mudstump.

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