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N-R wins 27 awards in state contest

The paper’s “Made in the Yamhill Valley” and “Discover Yamhill Valley” sections took first and second place in the category for best special section.

The Viewpoints section placed first in the Best Editorial Page category. Publisher Jeb Bladine, Managing Editor Steve Bagwell, News Editor Ossie Bladine and editorial assistant Marna Porath collaborate on the section.

Reporter Nicole Montesano placed first in the Best Enterprise Reporting category with stories about Evergreen’s cash-flow problems. Montesano also took home third in that category with a story about induced delivery of babies.

She also placed third in the Best Lifestyle category with a piece about having food on hand in the pantry.

Reporter Nathalie Hardy placed first in the Best Spot News category with a story about a house hit by a drunk driver once again. She was first in the column writing category with her Raising the Hardy Boys column. Elaine Rohse placed third with Rohse Colored Glasses.

Feature writer Karl Klooster took first in the headline writing category with a selection of headlines. Sports editor Ben Schorzman was second.

Former sports editor Carl Dubois won first for “Everybody in the pool” in the Best Sports Story category. Klooster placed third in that category.

Ossie Bladine won third for Page One Design with a selection of entries.

Community Editor Racheal Winter won first for best graphic design in the Green Living section. In fact, the News-Register swept that category, with designers Kelly Navari and Anna Naef winning second for Roots to Roofs and Naef taking third for Dining & Wine.

Photographer Marcus Larson placed first and second in the Best Feature Photo category with “Climbing the Walls” and “Santa in the Rain,” respectively.

Larson also swept the Best News Photo category, receiving first for a Memorial Day photo, second for “Downtown War Zone” and third for a photo of Scotty’s Playhouse.

He placed second for best sports photo, with “Bear Hug for Coach.” Schorzman won third in that category, for “Winning Jump.”

The News-Register picked up two first place awards for its website, It won both the Best Web Site and Best Web Design.

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