By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Museum responds to DOJ report

And despite the highly negative nature of the 27-page report, it said it was pleased with the outcome.

“The museum has worked amicably with the DOJ for the past two years to provide documents and testimony during this review,” the museum said. “The review has helped the museum evaluate governance and procedures.

“Beginning in 2012 and continuing through 2014, the board implemented new guidelines, best practices and training initiatives to benefit the museum campus, our 300,000 annual visitors, 165 employees and more than 300 volunteers. We are pleased that the DOJ will not be taking legal action and concludes that no commingling of funds occurred.”

The museum ended its statement by saying, “We are additionally encouraged that the DOJ feels that the museum’s board has taken appropriate and definitive action to improve governance, and that the DOJ believes the current board of directors is the appropriate board to move the museum forward. The museum campus is open and will continue to educate and inspire as many visitors as we can.”

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