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Museum adding $2.1 million chapel

The log-frame structure was designed and assembled by Central Oregon’s Sisters Log Home Company. “It’s like a big set of Lincoln Logs,” according to the musuem’s executive director, Larry Wood, referring to the popular children’s toy.

The chapel has been disassembled for shipping. It will be reassembled on site by Hoffman Construction, which will add basalt stone wainscotting and cedar shake roofing, according to plans submitted to the city.

Built in the shape of a cross, it features a steeple, bell and complement of stained-glass windows. It measures 29-foot-2 to the ridgeline of the roof and 65 feet to the tip of the steeple.

The chapel will be sited at the north end of the site’s oak grove, which lies between the aviation museum and water park. It is designed to encompass 5,488 square feet — tiny by comparison to the museum’s two 121,500-square-foot exhibit halls.

“Mr. Smith saw one down at the coast at a wedding and was quite taken by it,” Wood said of Del Smith, founder of both the nonprofit museum and for-profit Evergreen International Aviation directly across the highway. He commissioned a similar one for the museum, Wood said.

Designed to seat nearly 200, the chapel will feature two massive basalt fireplaces with fir mantels, one in each wing. Wood termed it rustic but “very pretty.”

Evergreen is considering using the chapel to host non-denominational Sunday services, one in a Catholic style and one in a Protestant style, Wood said. He said it might also host other activities, including weddings, funerals and Bible study sessions.

He said the oak grove, named after the late John Jankowski, a longtime friend of Smith’s, provides the perfect setting. Space for parking has already been cleared.

The chapel is scheduled to open next summer. The museum is estimating for a June 6 opening. The date is a longstanding tradition when it introduces new elements, but Wood said that might be an overly ambitious target for the construction company.

The city issued five permits for new construction in January, one for the chapel and four for single-family residences. That got the year off to a very slow start.

It also issued a permit to Big Step, owner of the building housing Betty Lou’s, for an addition to the snack manufacturer’s business, valued at $644,836.

Building increased somewhat in 2012, after several down years.

The city issued permits for 32 new single-family residences. It also issued permits for three new industrial buildings, four new commercial buildings and two new governmental buildings — a city storage facility on Cirrus Avenue and a new modular shower facility on the county fairgrounds.


Dances with Redwoods

Good idea, Mr Smith.

Oracle Jones

Well, trying to buy one's way into Heaven with other people's money is not what I would consider "Christian". The chapel and other image enhancing projects aren't such "good ideas" to those whose businesses and families are suffering because "they" can't or won't pay their bills. I wonder if chapel attendees are expected to tithe. If so "they" could double dip with separate denominational services. And let's not forget those wedding fees. The line between piety and profit is a bit blurry here.

Dances with Redwoods

To err is human nature.

Oracle Jones

You are very human in this case Dances:

DOJ investigating Evergreen's museum side

Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2012 | Local News

Relationship between nonprofit and for-profit entities questionedThe state Department of Justice is investigating the financial relationship between the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum and Evergreen International Aviation, spokesman Jeff Manning confirmed for the News-Register.The agency sent a formal letter to the museum on Nov. 28 requesting relevant documents, ...

Dances with Redwoods

"You are very human in this case Dances"

Thank you, for the compliment, Oracle.


Do we need a young child to notice how the Emperor has no clothes?

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