By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Murderer reportedly harassed jail staff

Xavier Wolfgang verbally harassed female employees of the Yamhill County Jail during his 22-month incarceration there, Deputy District Attorney Ladd Wiles told Judge John Collins at the defendant’s Thursday sentencing hearing.

Collins had earlier found Wolfgang guilty of murder in the April 17, 2012, slaying of Walter Adelman on property the 77-year-old Tigard man owned on East Rock Creek Road near Sheridan.

Wiles said one-time cellmate Adam Nielsen told jail supervisors Wolfgang coveted a female deputy in a “scary-ass way.”

He told them Wolfgang also had a fetish for a female county mental health employee, and expressed a desire to have a relationship with both of them. He told them Wolfgang fashioned a crude likeness of the deputy out of hair and “worshiped” it.

The deputy learned of the fetish and filed a complaint, Wiles told the court.

Wolfgang spent some time at the Oregon State Hospital in Salem undergoing mental health examinations. While there, Wiles said, he sent sexually explicit cards and letters to the subjects of his fixation.

Capt. Jason Mosiman, recently promoted to jail commander, confirmed there was documentation in Wolfgang’s jail file suggesting he was “overly interested” in a female jail deputy. The captain said, “There were reports by other staff members that he asked about her,” and he was written up for it.

However, Mosiman said there were no physical altercations between Wolfgang and other inmates during his stay. “He did have some issues, but it’s not like he was one of our most trouble-causing inmates,” the captain said.

Wolfgang’s court-appointed attorney, Carol Fredrick of McMinnville, said Nielsen was known for filing complaints about fellow inmates. She said her client “never caused physical injury to anyone.”

She conceded he had been written up over his “obsessive behavior,” but termed that nothing more than “an expression of his mental health problems.” She told the court, “His thinking is not linear and does not make any sense. Given his mental illness, I’m asking the court not to take these things into consideration.”

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