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Motorcycle rider killed in Highway 47 crash

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I think that the timing is off in this story, because I drove through there this morning on my way to Hillsboro, and if it were on 47, it had to have been later, as I drove right through there (I live near C.O.) at 7:05, and there were no signs of an accident, and no officers or medics anywhere near the highway. It is so sad to know that the rider may have been out there and died alone in that field when we were all driving by just starting our days as normal. The family of the rider will be in my prayers.

skull crusher

May this young man rest in peace. So sad to read about young lifes being cut short. My thoughts and prayers are also with the family of this young man.

Reporter Starla Pointer

YCmom22, OSP says 6:29 a.m. However, we weren't hearing it on the scanner until after 7:30 a.m., so I agree with you -- I think it must have been 7:29 when the wreck was spotted. We'll check. Thanks!


Mark Schmidt was the light of his fathers heart. His passing has left a very empty hole in his sole. He had many aunts and uncles that loved him so very much. He always made a room light-up when he came into it. He will not only be missed by each and every one of us, but will be remember with all the joy and good times the he gave to all of us. WE LOVE YOU MARKIE SO VERY MUCH FOREVER AND ALWAYS.


SOUL not his foot


I drove by about 8:45AM tuesday and it was down to 1 lane with the bike still lying in the field with some of the emergency vehicles leaving at that point. I routinely drive a motorcyle on that route and it's tragic seeing accidents like that.. Deer also pop out without warning in which I have had to react quickly to avoid.. It was about 33 deg that morning and no ice was seen on the road. RIP


This is a very dangerous stretch of road. HWY 47 speeds are generally WAY more than the posted limit, and there are so many slight curves and uneven road, that it is no wonder that something like this happened. It should not have happened, and I feel so sorry for the man who was riding that motorcycle that morning, I pray that his family will find peace in this tragedy somewhere. I also hope that this serves as a lesson to drivers of this route. HWY 47 is dangerous. In the 5 years I have lived here there have been multiple accidents (including 2 school bus accidents), and people have many near misses, I can't even count the number of times I have nearly been rear-ended just pulling into my driveway (and that is even with giving PLENTY of warning of a turn or stop). SLOW DOWN! It will save maybe just one life. RIP Mark, I hope that your family can make some sense out of this terrible tragedy.

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