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Mother allegedly leaves her 2-year-old son unattended; she's arrested on drug charges

Hope Ashley Clark

A McMinnville woman, whose 2-year-old son was found unattended and outside the residence where she was living, was arrested Monday afternoon by McMinnville police.

Sgt. Tim Symons identified her as Hope Ashley Clark, 25, of 201 S.W. Agee St., No. 14. She was charged with one count each of second-degree child neglect, endangering the welfare of a minor and frequenting a place where a controlled substance is used, in addition to two counts of possession of a controlled substance/heroin and methamphetamine. Additional charges are pending.

Clark was lodged in the Yamhill County Jail on $22,500 bail pending her arraignment at 1:20 p.m. today in circuit court.

Symons gave this account:

Officers responded about 1 p.m. to the residence and learned the toddler had been outside and unattended for about one hour. They reported that Clark was located sleeping in her apartment, and did not know where her son was.

Several tenants told police that this was not an isolated incident. They reported the child had been left outside and unattended several times during the past few months.

A search of the apartment turned up marijuana, meth, suspected heroin and drug paraphernalia. The drugs were within easy reach of the toddler who was placed in the custody of a relative by the state Department of Human Services.

Anyone with information about Clark's recent activity as it's related to this case is asked to call officer Jared Wiebold at 503-434-7307. He can also be reached at



So sad. What a tough road that poor child has ahead of him. Trying to make his way through life with a mom who is so addicted to drugs that she can't even care for him. Very, very sad.


Just looking carefully into Hope's face is a chilling reminder of why we as a society have tried to stop illicit drug use. I wonder if all of the voters in Washington and Colorado realize what they are doing when they tamper with our drug laws.
Could a thoughtful person really look at her and the millions like her and say "it's not big deal...its just marijuana"
We should never give up on Hope or others in her situation. We should do all we can to help. There is still "Hope" for her...


I think what you are missing Mack is that it clearly wasn't "just marijuana". I don't think anyone is pushing to have heroin and meth legalized and this is exactly why


Well said str8shooter.


Many times, but not only pot is considered a gateway drug. Therefore there are concerns about it, also.. how much pot in the system is acceptable for driving? A lot of states like WA must now figure that out. Maybe the biggest thing will be can an employer fire you for having it in system when the feds don't accept it and the state does?



I'll bet most kids smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol before anything else.
It's definitely going to shake things up. Just exactly what we need. New policies because the old ones are not working. The insurance racket is going to have to figure some things out as well.


My feeling is that if we legalize marijuana today, ten years from now it will be heroin and meth on the ballot. Those who want to feed their inward beast with full legal approval always lead us ever so carefully down the stairway. One gentle step at a time so as not to alarm anyone...
Ask an old timer from the greatest generation if they ever thought they would live to see the day that gay marriage would be legalized and you would be consider evil if you dared to say marriage should be between a man and a woman.
It's always one gentle step after another and another and another...Better to just stay firmly rooted at the top of the stairwell.


Thats real safe Mack. I personally think we need to back down those stairs to our roots of freedom. Things up on your floor are a little to regulated for me...

Just Lookin

Another drug addict that brought a helpless child into this world. She must be real proud of herself.

And those that want to allow drugs to be used on the streets, purchased in special stores...this might be what you have coming your way in a few years.


Why the hell would heroin and meth be on the ballot in ten years?? Marijuana is an all natural drug, if you wanna even call it a drug. Meth and heroin are man made. BIG DIFFERENCE. Dope and H will never be legal, and i think that's understandable. But in all reality, We have Aderol, which IS legal meth, and Oxy's which are a pill for of heroin. So all in all, they are legal anyways. people are just stupid and think its different cuz its dr prescribed. its all the same. Weed should be legal, aderol and oxy's shouldnt even be prescribed to pple in general. its all a part of the government. If there were no drug addicts, there would be an even crappier economy. Just think about that.


Drugs have always been a political issue. Coke from Coca Cola - doing away with it) Sweet and Low -(saccharin) Then allowing it through bribes. prohibition (still upheld in some counties). etc.etc..

What it really comes down to in my opinion is resonsability of majority. Is the majority of those using something gone to cause harm to others or themselves and how does that conflict with the freedoms that the constitution allows, or does it?

Thus we might apply laws such as legal limit, or can't drive under influence (something even prescription drugs) are regulated with..(Pack )..



Your losing sight of the issue,"the 2 year old child", had been left outside and unattended several times during the past few months. Keep in mind the drugs were within easy reach of the toddler. JUNKIE is what she should be called,addict is to kind of a word for her when herion is involved


No one has lost sight of the child accept this strung out mother...


I have just one question for those of you who think marijuana should be leagal

Would YOU want someone who is HIGHT on MARIJUANA to CARE for YOUR child?

If it's leagl, there is somewhat of a "defense" yet marijuana, "natural" or not, does impair you, as a parent, a driver, a worker, a child-care or elder-care provider - in every aspect of your life.

This woman is an example of how drugs affect your ability to do the things that should be common sense - like making sure a 2-year old BABY is being cared for properly.



@ Roxy, your comment is illogical to say the least. Just because a substance is legal doesn't mean it is logical to partake of while supervising children. Alcohol and prescription drugs are legal (if prescribed for prescriptions), but I wouldn't want someone under the influence of either watching my grandchildren! Just like most things in life, in moderation and at the appropriate times are just fine. Enough of the fake war on pot. Washington state will see a spike in tourism come next year, and no......I won't be baby setting while vacationing!


"Impaired". Some people would find a benifit using cannabis to sooth the anxiety that could come from a group kids or a group of adults or any other event that could make one do something not thought out because there nerves are so revved up. Knee jerk reations can be more dangerous then "Imaired" ones.


I think you can easily get confused in referring drug addiction and neglect, when they are related is for example in a situation that can cause harm. manufacturing meth would be one, driving under the influence or even smoking in a vehicle with them... Then you tend to have a case, what isn't so easy to establish at least in court, "if I'm using drugs, does that affect me being the parent I am", because simply put, maybe I wasn't that great to begin with.

I'm not for the use of pot and I certainly think this parent has a lot to think about in how much she cares about her child.



She loves her baby - I know this girl because she is linked to my family. I've known her for years - and while we have had our ups and downs, I know she loves her baby.

Any drug - marijuana, alcohol, etc - is selfish in nature and makes the user make poor decisions - and she has an addiction. While ya'll are busy bashing Hope with her poor decisions and her addiction, think about the fact that this "baby' ya'll care so much about may read this thread years from now and see the horrible things you are calling his mother. It's a public forum - have some decency.

Talk about the drugs - the ballots - politics - the damage it causes families - but unless you know this woman and her family please do not pass judgement on her on a public forum. Yes, she was arrested. I know her well enough to know this may be a wake up call that she needed - and that she has a family that gives a damn about her and will be here with her through this to get her strong again.

You guys are like vultures - eager to sit here and point fingers while you are anonymous on the site and have probably had HORRIBLE things happen at one time or another in your past. You are raising your hands to throw stones at someone who is damaged - while you're probably no better than she.

YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES. (Those of you who HAVE made comments about her)

Look in the mirror. No - you probably haven't had drugs in your house - or left your child outside unattended - but I'm sure you've done things you are ashamed of, because you are HUMAN.

If you give a damn about "the baby" - stop bashing his mother. It is called COMMON DECENCY.


"She loves her baby" .....she sure has a funny way of showing it! Guess she just loves her drugs better!


ritredbs ---- @ Roxy, your comment is illogical to say the least. Just because a substance is legal doesn't mean it is logical to partake of while supervising children.

Did i say it was NOOOO, i said now that it is legal, that will be used as a defense, just like prescription drugs ---- I can just hear the stupid idiot when they get caught neglecting their kids or driving a car, or working a dangerous job....

but, but, it's legal! I didn't know it would be that bad, I had no idea it would turn me into an idiot, i mean, you can buy it at the store! c'mon, is anybody with me here?

....I don't care what your opinion is on the subject, this is MY opinion and I'm entitled to it as much as you are to yours!


If you don't want to be looked at. Don't put youself in a positions to have that happen.
I tell my son, if you don't want to have to explane, you better not do it....
For what it's worth, I think this article has more intent than to expose Hope...


I sincerely hope your friend finds the strength to answer " The wake up call ".


my point is that drugs doesn't make a bad parent in and od itself.

for example one could argue. taking drugs makes one tired and not able to care for child. however one could also argue it wasn't the drug, but the choice to take them. see the difference?

I've ran across a lot of addicts in my time and usually when you give them a list what they value, they almost always pick family and yet their choice to use puts that at risk. so .. that means they value use the most. that is reality..

the hard part in my opinion is getting them to see that and not enabling them. there are plenty of programs.

woukld be one I would suggest.



Exactly Troy.
I have family myself I have choosen to put aside because their choices and actions from them are not very cool. I would much rather have a relationship with them but I can't tollerate the sideshow that comes with their habbits. I can only hope that someday we can all be together again. Get this, neither one of them smoke pot...


It is sad to read the comments about legalizing marijuana. Do you want someone to watch your child when they are drunk, Roxy?? It is no different, except the government can control and regulate and tax alcohol. Open your eyes, people, there are many legal drugs that are far worse than smoking or ingesting a plant.

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