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Mosaic bench vandalized in Sheridan

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It is Sheridan, what did you expect? It does not matter if it is the Chamber, the business owners, or individuals that do great things. It does not matter if it is to benefit and beautify the city or the benefit the kids or elderly of the town. It will be stomped into the ground and destroyed. I have seen it over and over again. Business leaders come and go, businesses come and go. Everyone has great ideas and start out strong then the motivation dwindles, people give up or move away, history repeats itself.


@Snowdoggie....I suppose our ONLY solution then is for us all to just get very apathetic about creating a more beautiful environment or doing anything good at all for mankind and we should all just climb underneath a rock and die...because someone is just going to come along and destroy everything anyway.


No, that is the problem, people just give up and look the other way, but people act surprised when things like this happen. It will continue to happen until the law enforcement or proper city officials take a stand and be vigilant about Sheridan's issues. The business owners and Chamber members used to be motivated and full of ideas to upgrade the town..i.e. power washing buildings, putting out wooden benches, flower boxes and nice trash cans. Now you can't get anyone to join Chamber. Look at how many businesses have opened there doors, given it a shot trying to provide something other than a bar in that small town and they close their doors in defeat. I don't know what the answer is, if you do, by all means tell the good folks of Sheridan what can be done so there are not rows of empty shops, etc. Just don't be surprised to have repeated events until changes are made. Look at Mac's Crime Cam, at least they do something.


I do understand your frustration. I think the problem with shops being empty is not particularly related to the vandalism that occurred. In the case of beautifying and upgrading the town, like anything else in life, it is something that has to be constantly created. In the case with towns like Sheridan, it might take a little more effort. The wrong thing to do is to give up and stop creating.

The other solution, of course, is social betterment programs, like drug education, etc. in the schools. Without bettering the individuals in the community, it will always be an uphill battle.


I live in Sheridan and if it isn't bolted down it gets stolen. My son had two brand new bikes within two months get stolen from the library. Both times the locks were cut. There are to many teens with nothing to do but get in trouble. No jobs and no activities and you can only put so many kids in school sports. Maybe the city should focus on that before they start throwing up tiled mosiacs. I agree with Snowdoggie...What do you expect!

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