Mike Colvin - Call a halt to ethanol

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Don Dix

From the article -- 3. There will be no net environmental gains from this increased blend because the EPA excluded vehicles causing the most vehicle greenhouse gases in the United States. These are the approximately 100 million pre-2001 vehicles that have already driven 150,000 to 300,000 miles.

Most government mandates do not match the intended goal, so this is nothing new. Why? Because the government suffers from tunnel vision. Government only sees advantages, and very seldom notices collateral damage all along the way. They certainly didn't figure ethanol would drive food prices so high, did they? And if they did suspect a glitch, nobody spoke up.

In a race to 'be green' (which is trendy at this point), officials ignore anything that might shed disturbing light upon the idea. If some cars mess up the desired average (mileage, emissions, etc. ), simply remove their statistics from the input. Al Gore and his flock completely ignored the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age in order to make claims about dire global warming. It's all about convenience to the goal.

If the 13 years of the 'ethanol experiment' has no net gain, nor expects one, why do we continue? Maybe the EPA and all those relying on ethanol to be the cash cow cannot afford to let it go. It wouldn't be a stretch to believe some of our representatives have skin in the game, with their insider trading advantages in play. And government, being an expert at getting nothing done, can claim it was all in the name of 'the greater good'. Well, at least someone's 'good' is nurtured!

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