By NR Staff • 

MHS students amass 8,000 college credits

Students can take high school classes that also meet college requirements, thereby earning credits that will transfer to Oregon schools, said Tony Vicknair, director of secondary programs. They pay a small fee each year for as many College Credit Now courses as they want to take.

Vicknair said the number of Credit Now units amassed by the 2,000-student school this year far outstrips that of any other Oregon high school. It also exceeds Mac High’s total from last year, a then-record 6,200 — by about one-third.

College Credit Now offers high school students a jump on college, and can save them some tuition money in the process, Vicknair said. He said 47 percent of Mac High students earn nine or more college credits before they graduate.

About 56 percent of Mac High students go on to college, including 48 percent of those considered “disadvantaged” due to low income or lack of language skills upon entry to high school.

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