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Metro West fires back on ambulance service lawsuit

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TVFR and Newberg want taxpayer owned equipment and taxpayer paid salaries to provide subsidized rates to customers, right? Nope. They still want to charge your more then the private folks. Private companies who generate tax revenue and not suck it down and who are not subsidized by taxpayers. Hysterical. I bet TVFR/Newberg hope taxpayers aren't paying attention.

Mac Native 66

And this is why you need to get TVF&R out of Yamhill county. If the city of Newberg and Yamhill county can't understand what other fire officials (MFD, SFD, AFD, etc), say about this, they all need to be recalled from their seat and new people put in there place.
In other words, GET TVF&R OUT OF YAMHILL COUNTY!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why do you need to get TVF&R out of Yamhill County? Newberg wasn't giving the service that was needed. Also private ambulance companies do not generate tax revenue. They are private & pay low wages to cover their cost. They also do not support Fire Med & will not resupricate if transporting someone who has Fire Med. McMinnville tried to bring in private ambulance companies a few years back & finally came to their senses as many people would have lost jobs. As long as Medicare/Medicaid pay what they pay, ambulance companies will have no choice but to keep raising rates & those with private insurance or cash will suffer the consequences. Ambulance Services are a service except private ambulance companies are in the business for one reason & that is to make money!



Nonsense. Metro west charges ~$900, TVFR ~$1700. And that is with TVFR being subsidized. I called them. This is a fact.

You're seriously suggesting that a private company will pay less taxes then a government agency!?

Oh, they also said their paramedics top out at well over $70k/year.

Whose trying to make money?

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