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Medical center gets top rating in survey

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I really don't know how they get these ratings.. I personally will not set foot in that hospital. My dad had surgery to restore the flow to his foot, they botched it so bad and it got infected, after a few trips back to Mac without success he had to go to Portland and have it all taken out. Needless to say WVMC must have known how bad a job they did ... they never billed him for the surgery!!


They must be paying somebody under the table...Neither I, nor any of my family and many friends will ever go to WVMC...Even if I'm on my deathbed, my instructions for anyone taking me to a hospital is to take me to Newberg.


I see from the first two comments that I am not alone in my amazement at WVMC being so highly rated. I have personally known of several instances where:
-Broken bones were missed by the radiologist (my wife and one of my neighbors).
-An emergency patient with a cranial hematoma was incorrectly diagnosed, refused pain relief and was eventually referred to OHSU where he passed away (my father).
-Breast cancer was missed on the regular mammogram necessitating breast removal (my wife's client).

And these are just the ones about which I am personally aware. A wiser man than I once said, "There are three kinds of lies, 1)Lies, 2) Damned Lies and, 3)Statistics. This is a good example of that philosophy. We are thinking of getting dog tags that say "In case of emergency, do not take me to WVMC".

Code Blue

Personally, I have asked my family to take me to Salem Hospital instead of WVMC in an emergency. They only offer a year-long payment plan for medium income folks, and can be unforgiving about it. This has happened on several occasions when family illnesses and surgeries over the years have required their services. A serious illness could bankrupt a person with that kind of policy. Contrast that with Salem Hospital, where even with full disclosure of middle income and assets, they offered a 40% discount through their charity program when my wife became ill and needed hospitalization, and a 2 year repayment program with even greater flexibilty should that prove necessary. They must have a well-managed endowment to be so generous. The WVMC owners down in Tennessee should take a lesson from Salem Hospital's most helpful financial services and increase their donor outreach, if they have one.


On a more positive note, we'd felt well treated from initial contact with the medical staff, as well as on through the billing and payment phase of our contact's with WVMC. No complaints.

We were offered a 40% discount, and gratefully accepted it.

Thank you, Willamette Valley Medical Center.

Mr.& Mrs.Tubbs
Grand Ronde, Oregon.


I have had good and bad experiences at Mac hospital. My daughter went in because of a spider bite and the ER doctor stated that spiders do not bite. Another time, same doctor, stated that when my daughter electrucuted herself with 220 that it would not have killed and then went into another room where my daughters friend was that also got jolted and told her that they were very lucky. Which way is it?When I asked the dcotor why the paramedics were so concerned she basically stated that they didn't know what they were talking about because they don't have the education she does. I will take the paramedics word over hers anyday. What kind of doctors are they hiring?

When I had cancer my doctor refused to send me to anyone in Mac because she didn't feel confident enough to do so. What does this say about the doctors at Mac hospital.

Dan Hinmon

Thank you for the feedback here. As the director of marketing at Willamette Valley Medical Center I am always interested in how our patients are being treated. I can imagine how disappointing it is to have negative experiences with health care, especially when it involves people you care so much about.

I just want you to know that we are working very hard to improve the quality of our care. This particular recognition by the Leapfrog Group doesn't say we never have a problem, it just says that compared with other hospitals, we are doing a much better job of keeping our patients safe, with fewer falls, fewer problems after surgeries, fewer infections and fewer medication errors.

There are other areas we are trying to improve on also, including how we help patients pay their bills.

If it has been some time since you have received care at our hospital, I invite you to give us another try. I think you will find that you have a better experience.

If you have specific concerns I can help with, or if you would just like to share more information, please feel free to email me at or call me at 503-434-6004.


Who or what is CapellaHealth? Are they based in McMinnville? Are the preceding questions rhetorical? How can one manage health care if the decision makers are Tennessee accountants?


I will NEVER go to the Mcminnville hospital again. The doctors are extremely rude, and the nursing staff is terrible. I went to that hospital many years ago, and felt I was treated like a second class citizen. One nurse even called a bi lingual C.N.A into the room before speaking to me, I am assuming, because I have brown skin, however, I do not speak Spanish at all. When my daughter got sick from staph infection, the nursing staff started to question my family and friends about our home life, which they all felt was extremely inappropriate. We ( my family and friends) were so appalled by this that we all committed to never stepping foot in that hospital again. I too, have directed that if my family or I happen to be hurt in Yamhill County, we are to be taken to Newberg hospital and not Willamette. I do not know how on earth this terrible hospital got a good "grade" with this leapfrog group.

John Smith Jr

I have had a lot of experience with WVMC and I have to say the worst has been with the emergency room - my knee was left bleeding for at least 15 minutes because the nurse didn't listen when I asked for a bandage to put a bit of pressure, one of the doctors was rude and rushed through his conversation with me, on another ocassion a nurse punctured my vein and caused a lot of bleeding and of course I always have to wait hours to get treatment - I get in the exam room quickly but then it's just waiting and waiting for hours.

Billing was aweful as well, but I know at least one of the problem employees is no longer there, she was bilingual and thought she was better than anyone else - like those Latino patients were just stupid, I heard her comments once and was aphaled.

BUT the best expperience at WVMC was with the joint replacement unit, they were wonderful, caring, patient and concerned, I would go back to them if I needed it.

Bottom line, it depends on what department you are dealing with, some departments at WVMC are wonderful, others still need improvement.


Like everyone here I have had my fair share of terrible stories from the ER. One almost killed my 10 week old son.

That being said, I think that some of the doctors in the past have been terrible the ones that my family has seen lately have been better.

I have been in the hospital for surgeries and for the birth of my children, both instances were pretty good.

I think that where the problems lie is in the billing, those people really don't seem to care that people with medical issues usually will have money problems following, and in the ER.

I too will probably go to another hospital if asked my opinion for choice.


Grade A, REALLY! I dont think so. My grandma was taken to WVMC for a broken hip. I met her there and stayed with her while being checked in and taken to a room for next day surgery. This is the disturbing part-they moved her to a bed and then began to roll her onto her BROKEN hip! She screamed in pain and I asked what they were doing, they simply stated "oh we need this pad she is laying on back.:" So this grade A hospital put a 80+ year old lady who was already in horrible pain into even more pain just for a pad? I can only imagine what things happen to people who do not say anything or in my grandma's case simply do not say anything because of health issues. I emailed the hospital with my concerns, I had 1 response to ask my grandmothers name and the date she was admitted, no more was ever said to me. I hope others are aware of their negligence to peoples feelings, comfort, financial or otherwise, not just from my experience but from so many others and choose a differenct hospital. Newberg Providence is rated a C, WOW, I have been dealing with this hospital for over 30 years and cannot honestly recall any such experiences.


We used the WVMC facility and received excellent care. We went into the hospital through emergency and were greeted with efficient, courteous help. My son cut the end of his finger off with a joiner....the emergency Dr on duty, Ricardo Carlon, did a great job repairing the mangled finger. When my son went to his regular Dr., the comment was that the stitches looked like they were from a plastic surgeon....

While my son did lose the end of the finger....we couldn't find it so it couldn't be reattached, we are very pleased with the care and medical expertise we were given at WVMC.


In 16 years I have continued to receive great care at WV as well as my children. I have only two gripes, one, my son was in the ER, yet again for one of his many trips- he is extremely accident prone as is his father, and instead of courteous care and reassuring us he would be fine, the admitting nurse asked some peculiar questions which made us feel as though she thought we hurt him; doing her job- maybe, but I will never forget her tone, stare, or questions as I worried about my son and his particular issue at that moment.

I also had a botched epidural. Almost three years later and the pain will not go away. No one will admit the error, but what I overheard the doctors discussing as they put me under to complete an operation was quite alarming and scary. While I do wish someone would step forward for that particular issue, I have to say, they have helped me and my family faithfully for 16 years- and for that, I am grateful.

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