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McMinnville woman arrested on forgery, theft charges; embezzlement alleged

Renee Willkomm Ireland

A McMinnville woman was arrested Tuesday by the Yamhill County Sheriff's Office on forgery and theft charges that allege she embezzled more than $40,000 from her former employer, Southern Cross Aviation of Yamhill.

Detective Don Stackpole identified her as Renee Willkomm Ireland, 43, of 2030 N.W. St. Andrews Drive. She was taken into custody at her boyfriend's house where she has been staying, according to the detective.

A warrant issued last week for Ireland's arrest charged her with eight counts of identity theft, five counts of first-degree forgery, four counts of aggravated first-degree theft and two counts of first-degree theft. They are all felony charges.

She is lodged locally in jail on $100,000 bail pending arraignment at 1:20 p.m. today in circuit court.

"She was an office manager," Stackpole said. "She was terminated last February, but that was not related to this case. Following her termination, all of this came to light and the company contacted the sheriff's office."

He said he has been working the case since last April. Stackpole said Ireland wrote checks to herself on the company's bank account without the knowledge of the owners.

A Southern Cross employee declined to comment on the case.

Southern Cross contracts with airplane manufacturers and provides test flight pilots in addition to ferrying aircraft to buyers worldwide.

The business delivered its first aircraft in 1976, a single-engine Cessna from California to Australia, according to its website. Since the early days of ferrying small aircraft to Australia, Southern Cross has expanded into a worldwide aircraft delivery company, having delivered aircraft to more than 100 countries on all six continents.

Southern Cross consists of two companies, the one located in Yamhill and another in the Netherlands. Both companies deliver more than 150 aircraft and test fly more than 100 annually.

Ireland will return to court at 3 p.m. Monday, Dec. 10.





sick, when you trust someone, give them a job and they repay you like this...


Roxy, you are so right. I knew this woman, her family and her employers. She had a nice life, nice husband, nice son, comfortable lifestyle, good job and nice bosses. She stole all that money to fund an affair she was having with the "boyfriend" whose house she was arrested at. Her bosses paid her a generous salary and gave her every benefit & perk imaginable...they even went to HER house on Christmas morning to drop off gifts for her & her family! After she was caught cheating and ran off with her boyfriend, she became a terrible employee. She had no-shows, arguments with the bosses, and flat out wouldn't do her job so they terminated her....after which she promptly filed for unemployment against them! They fought it and won, thank God! Then after all that, they find out she was stealing from them! I hope she likes unemployment and poverty. With so many good people looking for work, I hope no one wastes a job on the likes of her. I also can't believe they let her out of jail with NO BAIL! 19 FELONIES and she walks out of jail? Ridiculous! I hope there is some REAL justice handed down when she is sentenced.

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