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McMinnville woman arrested for improperly using 911

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more curious what her complaint was?

The one thing that is interesting to me though is that mcdonalds thing. If a person was to steal food without paying. They would be citated, maybe arrested. However if mcdonalds takes your money and doesn't give you what you paid, you have no criminal grounds only civil. Unless. it coulb be proven they were doing it to a lot of people all the time (which the police) probably wouldn't even investigate.

This is a huge problem because not only do companies dicate government policy over people, but legal as well. So they enjoy more rights than us. So next time you pass a business bow..


Call me John

people can behave rather strangely sometimes....might she be mentally unstable or just a B|t@h who thinks she deserves everyone's immediate attention?


I've had a large 10lb rock thrown through my front window of the living room.
Contacted Mac P.D. Right away using Ycom's #. They insisted no officer would come out, and that I would need to go down and file a police report.

Just because you call the police. don't mean you'll get any help.

Dances with Redwoods

Did you go down and have the police report filed.

Call me John

ronpaul, but if you do call them and they tell you it's not an emergency, don't call the emergency number and you keep doing it, it's wrong. what if a real emergency occured and the called could not get through because of these silly games?

my house was broken into, i thought the intruder was still in the house - it took about 25 minutes for help to arrive.....but since i was already out of the house i didn't continue to call 911 repeatedly.

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