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McMinnville school district begins budget process

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Typical of our district. Cut 14 to 20 teachers and 1/2 an administration position. The usual approach in this district don't cut the fat but cut the people that teach kids. I'm sorry but it doesn't add up for me.

Don Dix

Jim -- Government is quite adept at missing the fat. Look at the feds ... all fat, very little muscle.

From the article --'And she noted that rising PERS pension program costs — about $1.2 million more for McMinnville school next year' -- How many positions would that effectively eliminate? Why does that statement have no play in your assessment?

McMinnville pays over $90K to put a teacher in a classroom. Maybe it would be helpful if the PERS, salaries, and benefit costs were stated on a per student basis (like the funding from the state).


Don another interesting thing to know is what our administrators make compared to other districts in the state of similar size. I know most of the coaches make about half of what the Salem coaches make in their respective sports. Some how I bet the administrators don't make half of what the Salem schools make. Maybe the administration should have to fund raise for their assistants like the coaches do.


Jim, specifically what administrative positions would you want cut?


Kona I know to many people at the district to get involved in specifics but do know when there's not enough money I want teachers doing their jobs and trim from the people that.dont have day to day interaction with the students.


It will be interesting to hear the ridiculous demands the union will bring to the table. They always start with demands so unacceptable so when they reach the compromise phase they are still ridiculously in their favor. These are professional negotiators that have sucked Oregon into the tenuous economic position Oregon always finds itself. Shame on the school boards across the state for the last 30 years for yielding to this consistent pressure.


Jim, Teachers have shot themselves in the feet in Oregon. Oregon has among the highest compensated teachers of all states in both salaries (12th highest) and benefits . It is the primary reason for the large class sizes in Oregon. The cuts in teacher jobs in Oregon is totally self inflicted.

This coming from a state (Oregon) that is one of the poorer states in the lower half of per capita income. Also from a state with a very poor reputation for educational results.

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