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McMinnville police warn of business scam

About 10 businesses have been contacted, none of which have sent money. The scam involves a person calling businesses purporting to be an employee of PGE calling on behalf of McMinnville Water and Light.

The caller states the business is delinquent on charges on the business account and there needs to be money sent to avoid the power being shut off. In one instance, the caller stated the business needed to send $500 and then follow that up with a subsequent payment of $250.

The phone number that has been given for contacting the PGE employee or that displays on caller ID is 503-895-0096. In calling the phone number, it has a voice message recording stating that it’s a McMinnville Water and Light disconnection service.

According to Vance Godfrey at McMinnville Water and Light, the utility has not contracted with PGE. Godfrey further stated that if there are any delinquencies on accounts, they have a process in place that does not include a phone call being the first contact with the account holder.

As with any instance where a person is calling to request payment or personal information, it’s suggested you verify the person’s identity before sending any money or giving any personal information.

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