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McMinnville police respond to gang fight

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So, kid doesn't want to talk. Have they scared this kid to such an extent by the beating, or was it simply initiation and he won't turn on the homies? Where are the parents? At 13, 15, and 16 they should be in sports, school clubs, planning for college, and going to the movies with pretty girls- not already having previous offenses. The parents should have some explaining to do.

Curious about the race of these kids? Any insight? And no it is not racist motivation so don't even go there. Simply curious as we had another gang fight just a little while back with bats.


The world needs gas station attendants and burger flippers!


I was sorely tempted to start up on the whole illegal immigration thing again but instead I'm going to show great restraint.
Good Lord, I hope I'm not becoming a racist. Maybe I need to just stop reading the news and go do something to make the world a better place.

John Smith Jr

mack: obviously they are latinos so go on, start assuming they are here illegaly and start posting comments about how harsher immigrations laws and secure borders would have ensured these people would have never gotten here and blah blah blah, we all know that's where these posts will head eventually, and "not becoming a racist" well, i think it's too late for that

John Smith Jr

but please just remember,
latino name does not equal illegal
latino name does not equal criminal
latino name does not equal gang member
latino name does not equal mexican
latino name does not equal representation of the entire latino race


Yes, please don't start that again, who cares?! I am soooo over the whole "let's get rid of those illegals" crap.

We are neighbors, members of the same community no matter what the circumstances might be so deal with it.


Easy now John and Zen. No need to get angry. I think you may have misread my post. I come in peace. I said I'm NOT going to talk about illegal immigration.
What I was trying to say is that these angry, divisive conversations aren't helpful for any of us.
I for one need to stop reading the news and start doing some good in the world. Plant a tree, help a neighbor mow his lawn, help someone learn to read, volunteer to shelve books at the library etc. etc..
Our community needs us to be united in doing good things not on here bickering back and forth.
So I invite you to join me. Take a break from all of this news. Go do something good. If enough of us did that maybe the youth of today would see our example and be less prone to this kind of violence.


"but please just remember,
latino name does not equal illegal
latino name does not equal criminal
latino name does not equal gang member
latino name does not equal mexican
latino name does not equal representation of the entire latino race"

Although in this instance it's true.


DM - you are really ignorant, you know that?

Do you know these people personally to know they are illegal? Mexican?

and how do these pieces of crap represent the entire latino race?

you are what makes this country have a reputation or racist arrogant sob's to the many in the rest of the world


Wow, so sensitive. Take a pill and relax. It's called hyperbole. I was just pointing out that unfortunately there are too many recent instances in our fair little town where criminal activity is being committed, and it seems when this activity is gang or drug related more often than not it is being done by latinos. Flame away and call me ignorant racist. I'm just giving my opinion.


These kids are young, Given "Required" Vaccinations for school. This is a mixed cocktail of chemicals, and create disorders..Including Behavioral. Of course not the only contributor, But I'm pretty sure all these kids involved have been vaccinated.

Cops kick pregnant woman in stomach

Cops torture man to death for fun

Garbage Truck Drivers, Landscapers Snoop for Cops ,Funded by funds seized during drug investigations.

Philadelphia Cop Had Sex With Teen, Offered Her $100

Leaked U.S. Army documents prepared for the Department of Defense contain shocking plans for �political activists� to be pacified by �PSYOP officers�.

Anyways thats just this last week worth of news....News Register doesn't seem to wanna report something Important to the people.

Let the kids fight, I heard no talk of weapons. We've all been there..
Police intervention wont make it better.
The police Department gets mailed documents from the federal level, on polices (not law) to enforce and taking situations out of context for the reason of creating more "safety".
Police, Your only job is to uphold the constitution. Which is as tool to be used by the people, to restrain the government.


Maybe if the cops wasn't dealin with the gangs they could investigate recent suspicious deaths


The gang activity that has been reported over the last couple of weeks in McMinnville is not just something that has 'made its way here.' It has been here, and in the West Valley, for many, many years.
I moved to McMinnville 15 years ago and work with teenagers every day. Fifteen years ago was not to early too start 'gang intervention.' It is in every school in Yamhill County. We don't hear or read about it every day, but it is there.
Our schools and community need to take a very active role in educating themselves and becoming proactive,with a 'no tolerance policy.'
Don't let it start in your neighborhood. When you see anything that makes you think 'gang activity,' report it. And the 'wannabe's' are just as detrimental. The can actually be more of a threat.
Across from Columbus Elementary, on Cypress Street, you will often see graffiti painted on homeowners' fences. How many times a day do you think a police officer drives by that area? How many other people drive by? By leaving it there, it just encourages more.
As a community, let's all be aware and do our part before this goes further.


This is not 1984, We do not spy on our neighbors, or anyone for that matter. Leave people to what they have a right to, FREEDOM.
There is not any such thing as a thought crime..and Mcminnville police only interested in control over the people.


Im all for getting the illegals out of here!!! call me racist, i dont care what you wanna call it. mac never used to be this bad and its getting worse cuz these dumb kids are making it little mexico. i dont hate mexicans or latinos, i hate the dirty ones and the illegal ones taking our money and trying to make it THEIR country and taking OUR healthcare for free, when were all in debt because were from here and cant afford to pay a Dr. bill? this gang shit is getting rediculous. im going off about different subjects, this i know. but all im saying is....this isnt mexico. u cant even tell on someone in mexico if u see a crime commited because u will get killed yourself. and thats how i see it all turning out to be. STUUUUPPPIIIIDDDD and irritating. they think theyre 'cool' cuz theyre in a gang? pshhhhhhh yeah, right. how about NOT. so f-ing stupid man. i could rant for dayyyyssss about this.


Also, the kid probably wont rat on the others because its the rules of being in a gang, or else you get killed. THATS why. DUH.

John Smith Jr

Ashley, I must have missed the part of the article that confirmed these teens were illegals....or mexicans, racist isn't the only word for people like you.

Also, illegals can't get free healthcare, they don't qualify - they can go to low income clinics and pay on a scale but those programs are mainly privately-funded

This isn't Mexico, but it is America and America is the land of the free, the land where MANY people from MANY parts of the world come to call home, if YOU don't like it, go somewhere else, "Mexicans" have a problem with living in their country so they call the US home, why don't you call Canada or France or the North Pole home? American doesn't need more racist biggots creating more hate and violence that is contributing to problems with ALL our youth, not just the "Mexican" ones.


who trule is "American" after all? We are all children of this world and America is the melting pot of so many cultures, you can't really say what an American looks like or what his name sounds like - just like you can't say how a Mexican looks like or what they look like. Let's stop the hate, we are neighbors and children of the same God....but please, do behave, no matter who or what you are or where you come from.


Mr Smith,
I think Ashley raises some legitimate concerns. Granted her expressions are pretty coarse and crude, but why dismiss her as a hate filled racist? I didn't find any hate or racism in her post.
She sounds like someone who is frustrated with illegal immigration. If you don't agree with her, why not engage her on the issue of illegal immigration? You know, put forth your thoughts and ideas on the issue in a civil, reasonable manner. Why just try to slam the door shut by calling her names and dismissing her as a crack pot? What does that accomplish?
If you are in favor of illegal immigration, tell us why. Try to persuade us to your point of view. Who knows, you might just convert a few of us.


Ron Paul- Your an idiot. This has nothing to do with Police brutality or civil rights issues. The Police are there to Protect and Serve the American Citizens. Hence the term Public Safety.

This isn't a race or illegal immigrant issue either. It's an issue of Gangs and violence that will escalate if something is not done. Yes, these particular gangs happen to be Latino, but there are also white supremacist gangs here as well. I say make the punishments for gang or hate related violence harsher for those that do commit the crimes so it sends a signal that if you do this your going to pay serious consequences. Maybe the community should start an outreach for these teens in an effort to steer them in the right direction.

John Smith Jr

Mack, I am not in favor of illegal immigration, reasonable immigration laws would limit the amount of immigrants and bring discriminated people out of the shadows. I am in favor of freedom and allowing people to try to do what is best for their families - I know people who are here illegally but they work hard, they respect our laws, they file taxes, they are humble, good people and I hate it when people make them feel unwelcome because we need more people like them. I am not in favor of people assuming that because someone has a Latino name he/she is illegal, and that happens a lot. I am Anglo but my wife is Latino, she is a US Citizen but is treated as an illegal all the time - she is also not from Mexico, it really makes me mad when people make assumptions.I wish people would get educated on how you become a resident and understand it is not easy and it is a system ment to keep people here illegally - to continue benefiting from their social security contributions, to not give them assistance because it would be too expensive even though they would qualify because so many have the most low paying jobs around. People need to know that you can't get assistance if you are here illegally - and that more and more people are filing taxes, the "bad" Latinos are the minority when you look at how many Latinos are in the country. If an Anglo worked for minimum wage and had 3 kids, they would qualify for a lot of things, Latinos don't, maybe they get some small amount if their kids are born here but nothing compared to what they would be due - fine, that's the price they pay for being here illegally, but we need them, whether we want to admit it or not, we do need them, there would not be enough workers to fill jobs if one day they all disappeared.We as a country are hypochrits, we give people visas to come when we need them and mistreat them when they get here and we don't want them around, it's wrong.

John Smith Jr

I just think we need to be more fair with our immigrant neighbors, if they are truly here working and doing what is right, they deserve a shot at the American dream, if not, send them back to where they came from.....but I feel that way about everyone, wish I could send some Anglos back to wherever the heck they came from - my neighbors for example, Anglo, young, 4 kids - haven't worked in the 5 years I've lived next door to them! State pays their nice 5 bedroom home, electicity, food, etc. etc - because he has "back issues" - well, if you can play soccer, go fishing and sufing, have a motrocycle (under a buddy's name so the state doesn't find out) - you can't be that sick that you can't work -- I know alot more lazy Anglos than lazy Latinos, and that is sad for me to admit, but it's true, many Anglos expect great wages, benefits, a comfy job and get mad when "a Mexican" who works harder than they do takes their job, it's rediculous.


John, Thanks for sharing those insights and your perspective. I actually agree with most of what you wrote. Even though we don't see it 100% the same, I now have a better feel for where you are coming from. Thanks for taking the time to write it out and share it. Sorry that I sounded kind of condescending in my earlier post.


browser123 - Your lack of respect for others shows clearly. To open a conversation with someone else, in that person. Probably wont go too well. I suggest you might converse differently to perhaps get a rise out of me...

I made the point of the police brutality, due to the fact police have been allowed to overstep their authority in every country, state, county..allowed to kill, steal, rape...and yet you fail to see the Police are the biggest gang of all...

Gang: A gang is a group of recurrently associating individuals with identifiable leadership and internal organization, identifying with or claiming control over territory in the community, and engaging either individually or collectively in violent or other forms of illegal behavior.

I know many younger people in Mcminnville no gang relations i've heard of, i walk these streets all the time. The only time I've gotten a "Mean Mug" so to speak, If from police.. The Hispanics are no different then us, At my place of employment I deal with Hispanic everyday, young to old. Never had an issue.

Also don't forget your constitutional right to carry a weapon for self defense! concealed or open carry. think...If everyone in town owned a weapon, with knowing everyone had a gun, think you'd still wanna go out on robbery spree, or attempt to beat someone down???

The constitution was put there, Because of this exactly same problems we are facing today, economically, spiritually on the state and federal level too. It's a tool for us the people to use against the government and keep them in check. Not the other way around.

Continue to live in your police state control grid, I will then further be aware of the tyranny and spread the word to those who are able to think freely.

John Smith Jr

Mack - no, I didn't think you sounded condescending, actually I appreciate the fact that you took the time to ask instead of assume you knew how I felt or what I think.

soccer mom

Ok, wow...... So I do know one of these boys, the youngest to be exact. Yes he is hispanic. At one point he was a "good" kid. He played soccer actually with my son who is the same age. At some point this child was led astray. It is so unfortunate that this child has lost his innocence and decided to make these kinds of life decisions, decisions that will effect him and have very long lasting effects on his life. In no way do I think for a second what this child did and has done is ok, and it is not because he is Mexican. It is because he was not taught any better and has been just let to go because the ADULTS in his life or lack of being in his life have thier priorities mixed up, and unfortunately approve of this lifestyle for him. Kids need guidance, they need rules, they need a stable environment. The idea that it takes a village to raise a child is so correct. Unfortunately what will raise this child is our penal system. The thought that this child will be productive some day is a long shot. But again it is not because he is Mexican and I can say he is not illegal......
I too am so sick of the "gang" issues we have in this community. As I said above my son is the same age and as a mom trying to raise my son the right way and keep him away from this sort of affiliatiion its damn hard. He recieves presssures at school and in the community. We need to come together as a community not continue to divide, and that is what has happened we are divided as a community.
We have a homeless issue, we have gang violence, we have a huge drop out rate, many people are starving in our community. I loved this community 15 years ago. Since then I have seen a steady decline in our community. AND AGAIN IT IS NOT JUST MEXICANS DOING THIS..........


Soccer Mom,
With all due respect, I too used to think that "it takes a village to raise a child." The older I have gotten though, the more I have come to realize that that is a subtlety flawed concept.
It doesn't take a village to raise a child. It takes a Mom and a dad who are married, who love each other and who love their kids. A mom and a dad who spend time with and teach their kids. Who teach them right from wrong and set limits just as you described so well in your post. The village can't do that like a mom and a dad can.
In my opinion, the only role the village has is to try our best to help out when the parents have failed. And of course we should try to help as best we can. But as we can see looking around in our society, the village is not a very effective substitute for a mom and a dad.

skull crusher

If this boy talked, he would be labeled as a snitch! That is NOT a reputation you want! Snitches get stitches and thrown in ditches or worse! NOBODY wants to be known as a cheese eating rat!


@ Skull Crusher... these kids snitch on each other all the time. It just takes them getting slapped with more than a fine to do it. Lock em' up and they all snitch. Remeber there is no honor among criminals.


@Skull- snitch- yes, maybe teaching the children to not prioritize what some wannabe thug thinks about them should be more important than the fear of being labeled a snitch. What I mean, if you have a kid who has good friends, good people surrounding him, does it matter what some punk kid who has a date with prison thinks of the kid?
Teaching these kids a different way of thinking is important. Helping them to understand that once out of high school, these people forget who you are- they simply fail to exist anymore- and life moves on, for the positive if you let it. These kids who label him a snitch are no more then some loser wanting to "friend" you on facebook 15 years down the road and you can't even remember who they were.
Teach another way.


@ Manup..I couldn't agree with your post more! I know that most of these "troubled" kids only surround themselves with their friends who are of the same criminal element and therefore impressing their friends ranks high on their list of importance. I have said several times before if you removed these kids from this social circle and implanted them into a positive circle of friends that a good percentage would change to impress the new social set. However it is very hard to convince these kids(or any others) that the friends they have now (even positive ones) may not be your friends in the future, OR that true friends do not want to see you locked in jail, injured, on drugs, or dead.


Police over exaggerate on the term "Gang". Definition : A gang is a group of recurrently associating individuals with identifiable leadership and internal organization, identifying with or claiming control over territory in the community, and engaging either individually or collectively in violent or other forms of illegal behavior..Who is lead of this gang? No information on them except a name of young boys who fought, and no leadership. I fought when I was their age.. Am I gang related?How about McMinnville Police and the term "Juggalo". They believe are gang members as well. Which is reference to a music related fan' base for a rap group. Because all their fan members claim to be "Juggalo".I guess The Grateful dead gang is too hardcore to be mentioned. How many Dead Heads still exist ?Or how about Slipknot and their fan base are labeled "maggots" Is that gang relation too?Just because one person says they are apart of something, sticking up for a group or cause, doesn't mean the whole cause or group is the same.If that's the case, breed legislation laws to ban pitbulls??Or Iraqis, Afghans ? US. Army chants"I went down to the market where all the women shop;I pulled out my machete and I begin to chop;I went down to the park where all the children play;I pulled out my machine gun and I begin to spray.[soliders]"At Camp Pendleton: �One, two, three, four. Every night we pray for war. Five, six, seven, eight. Rape. Kill. Mutilate.� (LA Times, Jan. 3, 1989)..Perhaps it's the larger more know sources that are the issue. Police are Militaristic , Most Officers now returning from 3-4-5 tours over seas!! Did you know history says more then 1 tour shows likely hood is PTSD. It's time we stop nation building and being a police state. Wake up to history's warning of this exact event.

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