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McMinnville man injured in Sunday afternoon Wallace Road crash

May 27, 2012 | 38 Comments

News-Register Staff

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03:12 pm - Tue, May 29 2012
John Smith Jr said:
Oh Oh, Latino name, you know what that means, right? We are going to start a huge discussion based on the ASSUMPTION that this person was in the country illegally and blah, blah, blah....for once, can we please not go there?

05:55 pm - Tue, May 29 2012
miketubbs1 said:
John, there you've went and go again. Why?
07:38 pm - Tue, May 29 2012
Zen said:
actually, I'm surprised that no one had made a comment like that already, it's true, it seems like it always turns into "that" conversation, so I'm glad that it hadn't gone there, and hope it still doesn't!
06:08 am - Wed, May 30 2012
GregT said:
I would be shocked if this person is in the country legally. The News Register is being negligent in not listing THE REASON he has a suspended license. It's a death race along this highway every afternoon when the nurseries are letting its illegal alien employees out for the day. One afternoon I was driving on this same road and a pickup pulled out from Evergreen Nursery RIGHT in front of me. He then proceeded to weave all over the road and at the Lincoln Store nearly ran another vehicle in the oncoming lane off the road and jerked his pickup back into his lane nearly flipping if over. I called 9-1-1 and while on the phone the driver, probably seeing I was on the phone to report him, pulled the 'ole switcheroo with his passenger while driving. Anyway I wonder if the driver in Sunday's accident worked for one of the nurseries with these terrible littering drivers. I really wish they would do a random checkpoint along busy routes and check EVERYONE'S ID's to make sure they are legal drivers, have insurance, and are in our country legally. Don't even discriminate, check every single person whether they have 4 names or 2. Also bring E Verify to Oregon and make all employers (yes, all including Del Smith's welfare receiving agricultural enterprises) use it. Do a search for all businesses in the 97114 zip code and it will reveal not a single company is using E Verify - hmm, I wonder why?
10:39 am - Wed, May 30 2012
Hacksaw said:
Careful Greg your racism is showing.....You have just identified every nursery worker as an illegal based on one persons driving habits. Is it remotely possible that US citizens drive poorly, or (heaven forbid) litter?

Your idea to fix the problem is to suspend everyones rights and set up check points...interesting,you must be a big fan of Germany in the forties. Some food for thought.....who do you suppose would do agricultural work if migrants were gone? How about hotel housekeeping and restaurant jobs as well. Migrant labor has been here for decades...why is that do you suppose?
12:45 pm - Wed, May 30 2012
DM said:
Great job being a race baiter, John. You're no better than those who automatically assume somebody is illegal because of their name.

Greg needs to take a trip to North Korea to see how much fun random checkpoints can be, especially to those who don't look exactly like those manning the station.
12:49 pm - Wed, May 30 2012
GregT said:
there are plenty of American citizens who are capable and more skilled (did I mention LITERATE and not criminals) who are perfectly capable and willing to this type of unskilled and easy work. Why should we need a criminal underclass taking this work from our teenagers and early 20's citizens, clogging our social welfare system overcrowding our classrooms and putting our people at risk of accidents and driving up the cost of healthcare? The unemployment rate is 50% by some estimates for the 18-25 age group. People can do their own landscaping work. Your argument is pathetic and treasonous. Why is it "racism" to expect people be in the country legally and abide by the laws once here?
01:24 pm - Wed, May 30 2012
Hacksaw said:
It's not racism to expect people to abide by the law. It IS racism to lump a group of people into your inaccruate characterizations that they are criminals,on welfare etc etc etc.....just based on how they look or how many names they use (or maybe their driving ability?) Do you really believe all hispanics are illiterate? (Maybe you should look up the definition of that word) Let me guess, you don't speak spanish.....

You are dead wrong about the "local" population filling the available jobs in agriculture. Ask any nurseryman( Do you actually know any?) and he will tell you that without migrant labor his company is out of business. Same with the fruit crop in Washington. People can do their own landscaping work?....I guess that's one solution, but realistic..not really.

I think the only statement that is treasonous is your recommendation to set up road blocks to check identification of everyone passing by...or does that only apply to hispanics (or muslims or blacks)?

You sir need to see the implications of your statements...Do your homework!
01:48 pm - Wed, May 30 2012
GregT said:
As for Hacksaw's comparing this to Germany.... Many European countries and US States have random DUII checkpoints and guess what? Their DUII rates are lower! I would rather have the slight inconvenience of random stops than be dead or have someone I love be dead because of someone causing an accident on the road who had absolutely no right to be there in the first place. There are certain rules in place when you drive, ie have a license insurance be a legal citizen among other things. That is not racism..... its following the rules!
01:54 pm - Wed, May 30 2012
GregT said:
Hacksaw, I have worked in the industry and I have two degrees one in business management with an emphasis in Information Technology. My other degree is in ..... Drumroll ..... Spanish!! And I know for a fact that the agriculture industry employs a disproportionate amount of criminal aliens compared to other industries. Just because this has gone on for decades does not make it right and your argument that the industry cannot possibly support itself without a criminal alien workforce is complete balderdash.
02:50 pm - Wed, May 30 2012
Hacksaw said:
Did you have a minor in dancing?.....because you sure have sidestepped the issue.Your comments are racist and there is no way to sugar coat it.

Really....Agriculture employs a disproportionate amount of criminal aliens vs other industries....not surprising when you consider Ag is by far the largest employer of migrant workers.....What "other" industry did you compare, high tech and hospitals?

The fact is there are many, many hard working, literate (although it might not be YOUR language) family oriented and Honest people that do the "unskilled and easy" work. (Your words not mine). It's interesting that with all your education and work in the industry you still feel so insecure that you need to believe this entire group of people are all criminals and loafers. Take a closer look sometime..
05:24 pm - Wed, May 30 2012
GregT said:
Honest ? Do you call breaking the law honest? You must be a Democrat!
05:49 pm - Wed, May 30 2012
GregT said:
It's interesting that the only people who mentioned specific ethnic groups are Hacksaw and John. Who are the real "racists" here? I only alluded to people in the country illegally, and that we should have a system in place that only allows lawful citizens to work and drive here. But then that brought out the cries of "racism" in typical liberal fashion from Mr. Hacksaw. "family oriented and Honest people" who just happen to be breaking the law every single day by their presence here. You have a very interesting definition of "honest". Maybe I can steal every day from the convenience store, hey as long as I'm doing it in a family-oriented and hard-working way, that would be perfectly alright, ¿no? I have no problem with migrants who come to do work, as long as they law a legal right to be here. And foreign migrants should only be invited in WHEN and only WHEN there is a shortage of available workers here. And when they are finished with their work, they can go back to their native countries, be it Ireland, Canada, Fiji or Japan.
05:50 pm - Wed, May 30 2012
GregT said:
sorry for the grammatical error
08:48 pm - Wed, May 30 2012
Hacksaw said:
Backpeddle all you want, your comments are pretty clear....
08:54 pm - Wed, May 30 2012
GregT said:
You don't even want to debate because you know I'm right and have resorted to the insult, retreat and shut down the debate tactic. You know I'm right don't you?
09:02 am - Thu, May 31 2012
Zen said:
@ Greg "there are plenty of American citizens who are capable and more skilled (did I mention LITERATE and not criminals) who are perfectly capable and willing to this type of unskilled and easy work"

I actually do hiring for a very large nursery in the county - this season, 3 out 158 applicants were non-hispanic, american citizens (believe it or not, you don't have to be white to be a citizen), so I'm wondering, where are all these people? Collecting unemployment probably. I hired 2 of them - one lasted 3 days, the other hurt his back and is on light duty, the third never answered my calls to come to work. Agriculture work is hard, physically demanding, miserably paid work. Yeah, you can find people willing to do it, but not for minimum wage, and they aren't going to be all that good at it, face it, that's the truth whether you wish to believe it or not.

Hard working, honest latinos make this country a better place, not to mention they make the food on your table affordable.
09:10 am - Thu, May 31 2012
John Smith Jr said:
Greg said "And foreign migrants should only be invited in WHEN and only WHEN there is a shortage of available workers here. And when they are finished with their work, they can go back to their native countries, be it Ireland, Canada, Fiji or Japan."

Guess what? Immigrants are NOT your personal slaves, they are not disposable workers you can take advantage of and call when you need them and shame them out and even mistreat them when you don't. The US did this to itself, it opened the doors because we do need them and now that they are here and THINK we don't need them (we do), you want to get rid of them, what's next for you Mr. Racist Greg, putting people "to sleep" when you no longer have a use for them? When in your opinion (or someone else's) they become a burden? People aren't things - you can't expect them to come here when you need them, build a life, a family, have US citizen kids, and then bam, be kicked out because people like you think you don't need them anymore, leave what they have built, what they have worked for just because you feel like it.

Your ignorance and lack of respect and humanity towards others just because they are different from you is disgusting.
09:38 am - Thu, May 31 2012
miketubbs1 said:
At this moment I am watching an adult Starling working hard at trying to teach it's two youngsters how to work for a living. Interesting.
09:48 am - Thu, May 31 2012
Hacksaw said:
Greg, I don't really see anything to debate...It's clear from your writings what your outlook is, and I don't have the time or inclination to change your mind. It was not my intention to insult you, but (as grandaddy used to say) if it walks like a duck and talks like a's a duck.
03:17 pm - Thu, May 31 2012
GregT said:
As for Zen's racist dig toward "non-hispanics" collecting unemployment, maybe you should consider working with workforce and advertise for openings instead of pandering to the day laborers. Would that be "so hard" for you, Mr. H.R. guy to use E-Verify? Every single company should use E-Verify and if a particular chompany chooses not to it should go out of business! Being in the country illegally is a crime and people who are here illegally should all go back to their home countries. Period. To Zen, I once worked for the largest nursery in a neighboring county doing a variety of jobs, even the mentally easy field work (but physically demanding), to the more mentally demanding (but less physically demanding) I.T. and accounting work. One day the nearby City's Police Department came by. They busted 30 employees using forged I.D.'s and even using a computer in the shipping department to make more fraudulent ID's and SS cards for others. They said they had to because the company had decided to outsource the positions to a contracting agency and that company hires legals and those 30 employees were not legal citizens so they made a desperate attempt to forge documents to remain employed.
07:53 pm - Thu, May 31 2012
miketubbs1 said:
No doubt one of the arguments made by plantation owners in the South was the need for the affordability of cotton. The cotton industry didn't collapse with the end of slavery, did it?

Neither would modern day plantations if E-Verify was made law of the land.
09:37 pm - Thu, May 31 2012
miketubbs1 said:
Illegal aliens don't have anymore right to live and work in this country, than they do to live and work on a Indian reservation of their choice. It's a sovereignty issue and not a humanitarian concern.

People are not going to starve to death in America should our laws concerning sovereignty, and the right to live and work here be enforced, same as it is for native Americans.

What's so wrong with looking at the big picture from that perspective? Please, please don't call me a racist. for thinking such thoughts.
08:05 am - Fri, June 1 2012
Hacksaw said:
Mike- Expecting aliens to go through a process of registration to be employed is not racist. Holding an entire ethnic group accountable for the acts of a few is. The fact of the matter is that these migrants (not all are illegal) are wanted and needed in many segments of our society. Our federal law makers have completely dropped the ball for years and the result is what we have today. E Verify is Not the panecea that you think it is..while it is a starting point, it is still unreliable. I spoke with a company in another state (that uses E verify) that recently went through an audit and they found a 10% error rate. That represents a lot of people that are misidentified and either allowed or not allowed to work.

The bottom line concept for e verify makes sense, illegal aliens come to the US to find work, but holding employers accountable in the absense of a workable verification system or an avenue to recruit labor that they need, puts them in an impossible position. They can choose to hire labor with acceptable documents that may or may not be legal or they can run understaffed and put their crop at risk. Business does not like the situation either....a large segment of a companys general labor force is insecure and could be gone tomorrow if ICE does an audit. But from a business standpoint, that secenerio is better than leaving crops in in the field untended to rot. A classic rock and hard place!

I don't hold much hope that things will change in the near future, as it stands now,congress is so dysfunctional that agreement or compromise on issues like these will never be reached.

12:54 pm - Fri, June 1 2012
Zen said:
The company i work for does not use e-verify because legally, they are not required to - wonder why that is? government isn't stupid, they aren't going to shott themselves in the foot.

for the record, the company i do hiring for advertises positions with the employment department, in the newspaper, local bulletin boards in both english and spanish, the fact of the matter is, most anglos just don't want the jobs, and those who do, expect to be placed in the easiest ones to do - tagging, driving tractor, counting - if you put them behind a tree harvester, spacing 50+ gal pots, loading trucks with heavy plants, staking - they run the other way, sorry, I don't mean to reverse-discriminate, and not all anglos are the same, but unfortunatley i have had 20+ years in the business and it has been proven to me time and time again.

Don't like illegal immigration? Boycott the products they grow and services they provide......oh wait, that would mean you'd be growing your own food in your backyard, never visiting a hotel or restaurant, not having landscaping.....hmmmm, maybe you want to rethink that.
04:01 pm - Fri, June 1 2012
miketubbs1 said:
Maybe more people might try spending less money eating in restaurants, or visiting hotels. Maybe more people might experience the peace and tranquility derived from knowing how to grow some of their own food. Maybe more people should learn to experience living a a simpler life?

As for boycotting things, I do that quite often. Actually, the very first time I'd boycotted something. it was table grapes being sold at a Safeway store that Mr. C.Chavez had stationed pickets at...the issue was the hiring of illegal workers from south of the border being used to undercut the pay of the documented braceros....of which, some members of my extended family were. Documented Braceros, that is.

The H2B program is another farce that needs to end as well, as its main function seems to be more of a facilitator for the legal importation of slave labor from both far and near eastern overseas countries, and it's scandalous in scope.
04:13 pm - Fri, June 1 2012
miketubbs1 said:
And by the way, I pull my own weeds, thank you very much.
05:06 pm - Fri, June 1 2012
GregT said:
Mike, you are spot on and I agree! We don't "need" companies or their products if they undermine American citizens. They could do a WPA like program and put the masses to work after the expulsion of the criminal aliens. Call your representative and urge the passage of HR 2885, the legal workforce act. Time to stand up and put an end to this insanity!
05:56 pm - Fri, June 1 2012
Hacksaw said:
We could do "a WPA like program"? Workers paid by the government? Hmm...republicans might take issue with that idea....
11:08 pm - Fri, June 1 2012
GregT said:
well it's better than the government paying people for doing no work at all while at the same time subsidizing the criminal aliens via welfare, generous tax credits, etc.
11:40 am - Sat, June 2 2012
miketubbs1 said:
"...republicans might take issue with the idea...."

Better yet, raise the issue of just how important it is to instill a work ethic in our young. Use a program such as Greg may be proposing, as a means to help provide a means to earn what they need for a change.

I can remember a time when just about any American kid could earn and save money to buy what they wanted, though, more often than not what a kid ended up purchasing with his..or..her earnings, would be something they needed. There needs to be a different, maybe two..or..three tiered approach to the minimum wage mandate, as well as a lowering of the...' of a working age'...designation.

That should be broken down into sub-sets based upon various aspects, scope of job kinda stuff. Because if we don't, we'll have lost a whole generation of workers same as... the... dare I say, as the Hispanics are about to over in Ol' Hispaniola*

( *\That's---> Spain 7th graders out there that have too busy sex-ting each other rather than paying attention during world affairs lectures. )

And don't even get me started on how fat we lazy Americans are, because Mexico holds 2nd place in that category, 2nd to our 1st, that is.
06:12 pm - Mon, June 4 2012
GregT said:
Mike, again, you are correct. There is no reason why we should wholesale out entire industries to non-citizens who are here criminally and commit criminal acts WHILE here. If you are 18-25 and are not in college or in the military you should be required to do the "easy yet physically demanding" jobs. I don't think its ethical for the companies to be selling out Americans while at the same time receiving their own government welfare and their actions allowing even more siphoning money away from the government (for example, agricultural enterprises receiving government handouts and then in turn hiring illegal immigrants who in turn send money to their home countries, receive illegal tax credits, etc.) Companies are commiting similar atrocities on the manufacturing side (offshoring to China which in turn enriches the Chinese Communist Party) and even high-skilled type jobs (tech support, customer service to India, allowing H1B Visas imports). All of this is undermining our own citizens for the betterment of the companies, not us. These enterprises should all be held accountable, especially when (as in this case), their actions are putting us in danger. Not supporting E-Verify because it's not effective 100% of the time would be like a bank not installing a video surveillance system. If it works 90% of the time that's still 90% criminal aliens illegally employed.
06:29 pm - Mon, June 4 2012
GregT said:
I wonder what it would take to get the indictments going against companies around here?
08:19 am - Tue, June 5 2012
Hacksaw said:
No indictments can just walk through the different businesses and point them clearly have the ability to know who is illegal just by looking at them...heck you can even tell by how they drive!
10:30 am - Wed, June 6 2012
Manup said:
The above conversations are ridiculous, you can not argue seperate points of view in a forum such as this. People will always have a rebuttle to your statement, and if they don't they will substitue random facts or figures to thrust their point of view down your throat. Agree to disagree, realize that we are ALL intitled to our own beliefs and forget trying to be right, because a topic such as race, immigration and law is too broad to be handled in a tiny newspaper thread.

Back to the article...

This guy had a suspended license, yet was still driving. Our community lucked out that no one else was injured due to his ignorance. What I want to know is when we will finally devise a way to insure that those who have no license, or a suspened license will not have the ability to drive. The answer lies in technologies, it is out there, but when will we demand and allow such technologies to help keep our roads as safe as possible?
12:06 pm - Wed, June 6 2012
miketubbs1 said:
" is out there...."


There will never be anything of a technological nature that could achieve such a goal, without infringing upon his (Juan's) or anyone else's inalienable rights, I would imagine, I could be wrong, in fact, often am.

So, what's your idea?
04:38 pm - Wed, June 6 2012
GregT said:
Guess what? Another ACCIDENT at nearly the exact same spot today!
07:46 am - Thu, June 7 2012
ronpaul2012 said:
Illegals? Where..I'm sure the mac cops keep us safe from those.

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