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McMinnville man arrested in child abuse case

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Poor baby!

Mark Langlois

If this guy is guilty.... Have fun in prison. If you actually did put harm on this child your going to wish you hadn't when your in prison.


THIS guy is far from guilty, its the irresponsible mother that wanted to get wasted and neglect her child. this is to sad, he should not be the one sitting in jail right now with these charges it def. should be the mother.


One might consider judging carefully until more facts are made public.


This guy is my cousin and I can tell you this that he would never hurt another kid EVER. He is a great father and that lieing bitch needs to shut her lieing trap and tell the truth.


Why was the child allowed to go home with the mother? From the reporter's story, no one knows what happened to the child.This appears to be a case of Non-Accidental injury. When no one knows what happened and the safety of the child is at stake, why wasn't the child placed into foster care until they could determine what actually happened. What is the state's policy?

John Smith Jr

I think anyone who KNOWS child abuse is happening and doesn't report it should be found just as guilty as the abuser - whether it was the mom or boyfriend, I'm sure the other one must have known what was going on, this is abuse that escalated, I'm assuming, because that's usually the way it happens. Shame on them. Hurting an innocent child is one of the worst types of crimes you can commit, whoever is guilty I hope they pay dearly.

Poor child, may he find a true angel that can care for him and love him the way a child needs to be loved. I hope he does not continue living a life of abuse.


Well I hope the police and DA's office can do a better job of getting the full story than this article did.
Regardless of what happens from here, my thoughts and prayers and sympathies are with that poor child.


It is sad that the News Register presents a one sided story, there is so much more to it than what is being reported. The childs mother was recently arrested herself as she had victimized the residence where the "alleged" abuse occured, she had a no contact order and should have never been there in the first place. She also had the opportunity to take the child to the emergency room on the night that he was hurt but elected not to because she was drunk. What is the possbility that when the mother left the residence under the influence to go get more alcohol she hit her own child? I know that Nick would NEVER harm a child, but feel that all of the adults failed the child that night, as well as the state for allowing him to go home with his mother and not placing him in protective custody until they could be sure what actually happened that night. No child deserves to be abused, and every child deserves a parent who puts them first in their life....his mothers job was to protect and care for him, not let him suffer all night because she was to intoxicated to get him to the care he needed.


The facts are the facts. He was arrested; she wasn't. And that's all we have to go on.
We can't make stuff up or speculate on matters we aren't privy to. When the police make an arrest, we report it. If they had arrested her instead of him, that's what we would have reported. But they didn't.
We are not drawing any conclusions about guilt or innocence, just reporting an arrest made by police in our community.
In is not up to us to try the case. That's responsibility falls to the courts.
Steve Bagwell
Managing Editor


For a fact must be true...There are no facts pointing that he inflicted the wounds.. except for one persons assumption..

Lots of accusations start as retaliation from a breakup or fight or some sort..


I know you only report the facts, but any chance you could have gotten more of them for this story.
I mean, good grief, in the article Svensons account of "what happened that night" doesn't even mention the man who was arrested. Did Svenson just forget to mention him??? He's kind of a key part of "what happened that night" I would say. Did they just go out and randomly find this guy on the street and arrest him??
Facts. Just more facts if possible, please.


At least this is a criminal court case where you are innocent until proven guilty. Unlike family / juvenile court where you are guilty until proven innocent a. Assumptions and Bias are of no good to anyone. The truth is the most important aspect of this case, as with any case. If the truth is reached the guilty are found. Hopefully all involved in this case will be unshakable in their efforts to find the truth.

troy prouty

my personal opinion. Don't take a plea deal ! Especially in this County !

Always defend what you believe. Never Comproimise that, even if it was to mean death !

You will always lose if you do.

Troy Prouty*


Sorry, Mack, but that's all we have right now. If an indictment is issued and/or a trial is held, a lot more detail will emerge, particularly with the latter. And even if a plea bargain is struck, averting a trial, significantly more detail will emerge during the course of the sentencing hearing.
Even then, though, it won't be all of the detail, or even all of the detail a grand jury or jury might see � not by a long shot. It might not be enough for most people to come to a definite conclusion.
We are just a player on the fringes of the process. We try to shed as much light as we can, and as fairly as we can, but have our limitations.
Finally, outside court proceedings themselves, much more information is typically released by the prosecution than the defense. There are exceptions, but as a general rule, defense attorneys feel they are best served by keeping their clients, witnesses and evidence under the tightest wraps possible.
We will be following the case as best we can, though. You can rest assured of that.
Steve Bagwell, Managing Editor


I referred only to the facts associated with his arrest. He was, in fact, arrested.
We did not report that he was guilty. We reported that he was arrested, and that is beyond dispute.
We have rendered no judgment on the facts of what actually occurred in this case, no will be ever, at any point. That's not our job.
We will report factual, indisputable developments as they occur, such as issuance of a grand jury indictment, negotiation of a plea bargain, scheduling of a trial, dismissal of charge, release on bail or recognizance and so forth.
Steve Bagwell, Managing Editor

Mark Langlois

Steve, you're right. You reported on the arrest. The only problem with this case is to get that CHILD OUT of that house for good. Even being with foster parents will be better for the little child. The parents I don't care about... ONLY the child. Steve, please keep us posted on the child. Steve, good job on reporting.. do what you can for the child's future.



Thanks for making that clear to me.I understand what your saying.

My only problem with this type of reporting, I would call it "Explosive Advertisement". You shove a catchy article headline, Blow a large picture up of the alleged criminal. People read it, and then this MIGHT be criminal might even have problems getting a job because the H.R. person,manager ect. seen this article before the facts.
Who is to say they are gonna read a second time when its updated?

This does make it appear to the eye that he is guilty by using these types of article.

The mother Felicia and was arrested for failure to appear around the same time, booked into jail for a larger bail then Nick.. I think it was $25,000.. Anyways an absent mother isn't worth adding to the article?


Also, Really...Stepped outside to smoke..child was healthy and all..Come back inside kid was bleeding out the mouth.... I have a child, I could hear my baby cry or scream from outside my house.. It's something you acquire as a parent.

Story sounds very odd..I don't believe it.


I agree that as a parent you can hear your children scream, no house is pain scream proof.

As to who is guilty, that is something that seriously needs to be investigated. A two year old is able to tell you what they want and can say if someone hurt them, maybe not what happened, but that they were given a booboo from someone.

I don't understand why, with the mothers history, that the child was turned into her care.

It is sad that this child was hurt, my heart goes out to the little angel that is caught in this.




Seems interest has slowed down. Any new news about what happened? Has the media been stopped from reporting because the State will not talk under cover of secrecy. What happened last Wednesday?

skull crusher

I wanna know if this dude actually did what he is being accused of. I am tired of the drawn out legal system!


I think it's hard to fathom someone doing this to a child, no matter who did it to him. Poor little guy, I hope he's okay.

ronpaul - how catchy is the title "McMinnville Man Arrested in Child Abuse Case?" It's a statement of fact, and that's his mug shot.

MichaelR: I would delete that comment if I were you. You're not doing your cousin ANY good by showing your anger toward the mother of this child at this point.

Mack: How many facts do you think the media has right now in an ongoing investigation?


I hope the right person is in jail, what if mom is as guilty? The child should have been taken from the home period until they figured out what happened. Also for family members you can assume he has no guilt but you just never know.


Just a mom your comment nailed it! You said it perfectly :)


RE: "may he find a true angel that can care for him and love him the way a child needs to be loved. I hope he does not continue living a life of abuse."

The child will be released to the parents over and over again after facing foster parent after foster parent, for a lifetime of instability and no real love, all in the "best interest of the child", or so DHS will say.

The system is broken, yet no one wants to fix it. That child should never see those parents again until he is an adult and able to make those decisions for himself. He should be placed with a man and woman who are unable to have children, for only they can truly appreciate what a gift he truly is.


Thing is, this guy DIDNT and WOULDNT do this. kids mother was actually drunk and dropped him and didnt want to get in trouble, so she blames dude. shes in jail now.


bamadrmz -

If you read the NEWS PAPER the News register printed, IT said, Mcminnville man accused of smashing child's skull... OR something of that sort i don't recall the exact wording... I'd say that's pretty catchy.



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