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McMinnville man arrested after parents stabbed

Attempted murder charge filed following Friday night assault

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It's a good thing the boys in blue caught this SOB! I'm raising a family in this neighborhood. Lock him up and throw away the key!


My heart goes out to Tomasa and Onorio, sad day for their family.


We're praying for this special family.


Too bad we don't have secure borders. He would have never been able to sneak in and this crime would have never occurred in McMinnville. Glad they are going to send him home. Hopefully he can get his life straightened out there. Then he can apply for citizenship here and come in the legal, honest way.


@Mack, crimes like this do occur in McMinnville, secure borders or not, we had a young father who moved here from California, became deeply disturbed, shot his wife and also shot his children, then himself. Apparently this matters to you, so I will mention it, the young father was white and an American.

It did not mentioned in the article why he attacked his parents in such a brutal way.

Live and let Live

Mack, you must be highly ignorant on how immigration law works, you don't just "apply for citizenship", really, I've said it 1000 times, it's not that easy, do you really think people risk their lives and somtimes the lives of their own children crossing through the dessert or doing other dangerous things in search of an opportunity just to avoid a little paperwork and a fee? C'mon! People pay thousands of dollars to get here, if they could they would pay those thousands to a lawyer to do it for them but for some, that's impossible because they don't qualify. No matter how secure the borders are, people are going to find a way to get here. I know a family that paid a border patrol $8k to cross's rediculous but it happens. Plus, american citizens commit crimes too, what are you going to say then, "too bad their parents weren't sterilized then he wouldn't have been here to commit that crime". Bad people are everywhere unfortunately.

Now, this low life piece of garbage does not deserve to be a citizen or resident of any country, if you can turn against your own parents, you deserve to be starved, tortured and then shot in the head, burnt to ashes and have your ashes be thrown out with the trash.


"Now, this low life piece of garbage does not deserve to be a citizen or resident of any country, if you can turn against your own parents, you deserve to be starved, tortured and then shot in the head, burnt to ashes and have your ashes be thrown out with the trash."

Wow, so much for live and let live.


"...shot in the head, burnt to ashes and have your ashes thrown out with the trash."

God bless the Chinese when it comes to being more thoughtful in their execution process. At least they'll harvest any healthy organs, bones and/or tissue first. Who knows, maybe someday we'll be just as thoughtful.


And, charge the family for the bullet!

What the heck?

Well, maybe the whole starving and torturing part is going a bit too far but I agree, this guy doesn't deserve to be here (or anywhere) is there something we don't know about? - is he mentally ill? did his parents abuse him as a child? even so, he's now an adult who could choose to get as far away from them as possible and get therapy to deal with his issues but to try to kill them? I don't understand, when this guy is found guilty, I do think he deserves the harshest punishment under the law.


Not to worry Mack (and others who think like Mack)...
Kitzhaber is going to give him a Driver's License (in defiance of Federal Law) so he can appear to be legal and work in this country (and if he doesn't work--steal the benefits that those who DO WORK pay for).
What a state we live in...just as loony as the fruits and nuts on our south state line.


Illegal this, illegal that. The fact is, he will be tried, convicted and made to stay in American jails/prison until his sentence is over, more than likely it will be waived for one reason or another and he will get early release. It is only upon that release that he will be deported at the cost of the American taxpayer.Regardless of where he is from, a crime is a crime and the taxpayers cover the costs, yet we have Kitzhaber running his own agendas, and budget cuts annihilating criminal justice positions.I am in agreeance that if he is illegal he should never have been here to begin with, yet that is an immigration and border issue. For those whining about the high cost of immigration, and all the other wah wah, it is far more expensive and dangerous to cross illegally. My ex was brought here as a child illegally and we went through the process to gain citizenship. It was quite easy, very inexpensive- less than $2000 from what I remember, and he was allowed to stay on American soil through the process. That being said, laws change and the way to become a citizen changes often with different programs, but the fact is, it is NOT as difficult as many want to believe. Why come to the states if your first intent is to break our laws?There needs to be an agreement between the countries, if an illegal citizen commits a crime, they are deported and forced to serve time in their country of residence, but according to the laws of the country the crime was committed in. This alleviates the cost on the taxpayer and would free up funds we could potentially use for post prison programs to help insure a better recidivism rate, educational programs to be reinstated in schools, and after school programs for families who are forced to be double working homes just to survive. This helps keep children out of dangerous scenarios and aims at a better future for the community as a whole.This guy, he needs to go, but he needs to go at the cost of his own country, not ours.


Maybe this agreement could help force that country to gather it's resources and start fighting back the cartels, mobs, thugs, and drug dealers that have taken over. Maybe send some of our guys to help get a handle on things so heads quit getting chopped off the innocent and hard working citizens can once again work towards a future instead of being in fear of the criminals.

When you can't even employ a police force for fear they will all be murdered it is time to stand up and rebel against the forces that have taken over. Mexico is in dire need of outside help, yet our troops sit in countries that hate us and wish us to be gone.

It just makes no sense. What I do not understand is that many flee Mexico for a better life, yet they do not educate nor instill in their children the vital components of a better life. Many, many, many accept that their children are in gangs, and they may be gang members as well, they promote drug or alcohol use, and education is never as important to them as it should be.

You have to change the belief systems before you can change the person or culture. Until they want more for themselves we will always be surrounded by a culture that only cares about the annihilation of America instead of a nation undivided and strong.

Just saying...

The process to become a legal resident or citizen is not expensive compared to what people pay to get here, the hard part is qualifying, if you are not an immediate family member of a citizen or marry a citizen, it is almost impossible, do you know the waiting period for a married adult child of a legal resident is like 30 years? Our immigration laws are rediculous, whether we like it or not we need immigrants we just like to treat them like crap when we "think" they are taking our jobs and resources, illegals don't get assistance, maybe their legal kids do but they don't, it's a fact.

And, MOST Mexicans are hard-working people with better values and morals than many Anglos, the truth is, the gang members and drug addicts, etc. are those who have been in the US longer, 3rd + generation kids who have been influenced by our great American way of life, don't believe me? Read up on the subject and you will see it's the truth. "Real" Mexicans value what they have SOOOOOO much because it was so hard to achieve. You guys just want to focus on the low lives, but not the majority who are good people and I am happy to have them as my neighbors.

I think

Manup, do you know that Mexico has a very low drug user rate? Mexicans deal drugs because we (the US) have a huge demand for them, a country that will do anything to make a living is supplying our kids and youth with drugs because WE can't handle our own kids, and we can't control the drug abuse - if we stop buying, that will solve the problem.


Just saying...I believe the majority of humans are good people, but I wouldn't be an advocate for open borders. Mexico certainly doesn't, but don't take my word for that, just ask a Guatemalan.

Why do you think that is, what makes Mexico (as a nation) so special in your opinion, is it that they (as a nationality) have a better handle on their kids than we do of ours?


I think,

I actually reside on the border of another nation that exists right here within the borders of the United States of America. A nation within a nation so to speak, that not only expects its sovereignty respected, but demands recognition of their laws/rules and the abidance of such by all.

Bury might heart in Grand Ronde, the rest you can feed to the crawdads.


.....y0!...Chief!...when will we get our edit buttons back?

Just Saying

miketubbs1, I agree, Mexico is probably the worst for immigrants, and I think that's wrong, hypochritical, I am not for open borders, never said I was, if the US had a proper, realistic immigration policy it would be better for all of us, I just hate it when people talk about immigrants, from any country, as criminals and gangsters and mafia when in fact, many cities and states in the US that have a very high number of immigrants from all over the world also have one of the lowest crime rates. I think we shouldn't be so harsh on people who are actually only here working and contributing to society. The real criminals, send them back, they give the other immigrants a bad rap.

I'm not saying Mexico is better than the US, heck, there's areason I live here, but when you take a look at what a traditional Mexican family is really like, they have hard working kids, the parents have good work ethics, sometimes even on a low income the mother stays at home and cares for the kids, in Mexico there are less kids born out of wedlock, even though drugs, tobacco and alcohol are easy to get there is not a large % of kids who use them, Mexico is more of a conservative country and for family values that sometimes is a good thing, Mexico is also considered a happier country than the US - all that contributes to it.

Why are the Mexican people so dear to me? I used to think like many others, that immigrants were a burden to the US people, etc but then a Mexican family saved my life and I got to share with them and their community in a very positive and special way, they made me feel so welcome and I learned so much from them that it completely changed the way I viewed our "illegal" immigrants and it changed my life..


Illegal or not is beside the point.For every hated illegal (whether Mexican or another nationality) there is someone that loves them.The problem I was trying to pull on was the fact that our borders are useless when we have scum like this guy in our town attacking his own family.Had we had something better in place he would not have been permitted to stay even if he got through. As far as a wait list, the immigrants did it to themselves- ever think that if there were fewer illegals here and our prisons were not brimming over with them, there might be a shorter wait list for those who wish to be here legally?3rd generation gangsters?NOT a true statement.Delve a little more in to the criminal justice field and you would see how very untrue that is.There is really no way to measure it accurately, and I have seen both sides of the fence- a first generation in prison for murdering two officers, and a second generation who has never seen the inside of a jail.No race is immune to crime, but when we have enough of our own committing crimes it becomes a heavy burden when we have to house, feed, and medically care for another countries criminals.Which brings us back to the original topic. We tried sending illegal criminals back (at our taxpayers cost of fuel, planes) a few years ago, it backfired as their country refused to implement prison sentences, so, they gathered their masses after learning all the ins and outs in our system and came back to our country undetected and with gangs of other criminally minded people in their pockets.This guy will see prison at our cost, he will be kept warm, snug, and have food in his belly- yet our homeless citizens, elderly and our children do not have these simple extravagances.Then this guy will be put on a plane and shipped out to his own country after such cush living, he will tell of his experiences, and he will educate those who do not know how to make a great living, and he will come back, at the cost of America.


If you want to be here, honor our country by crossing our borders legally, leave your criminal intents in your own country, and be prepared to work hard, honest, and defend it against others who may wish us harm and detriment by plaguing our country with drugs, violence, hatred, and yes, tolerance. A tolerance that these things are excusable and accepted. Educate your offspring so they too may honor this country and realize that opportunity is surrounding them. America is only as great as we make it, and when we accept graffiti in our neighborhoods, drug dealers as neighbors, and gangs to infiltrate our schools, we dishonor this country in every possible way. When we allow citizens to take advantage of programs that they really do not qualify for, or we allow our citizens to disrespect our country as a whole we not only do an injustice to America, but we do an injustice to ourselves. When we allow politicians to run rampant with our tax dollars without holding them accountable, or allow corporations to fire those ready for retirement in an effort to save money, we allow Americas dream to perish. Okay, so as I type I realize we have a lot of issues... but who can blame us, have you seen us lately?

Salt & Pepper

We're missing the point here people, "illegal" or not, these parents were attacked by their own son, no family should have to go through that, it is sad that we feel the need to put labels on people when they are already our neighbors and people we should care about, earth has no illegal people.

John Smith Jr

@voter - "so he can appear to be legal and work in this country"

Anyone who thinks illegals shouldn't ger driver's licenses and ID's is really stupid...I mean first of all a license alone is not enough documentation for employment, and second of all, I prefer to know who is here and have a record of where they are and what they look like - it's a way of having people registered as residents of this state - if someone commits a crime, DMV photos are very often used for identification, by not allowing peple to "register" in a sense, we loose complete control of who is here and who and where they are, etc. also, with or without licenses people are still going to drive, but now, they are going to drive without a license and insurance - that doesn't help anyone.

It's time we wake up and smell the chocolate caliente people, immigrants are part of this country whether we like it or not and they are here to stay, if you don't agree, YOU have to do something about it, not the government, it was best said in a letter to the editor in this very paper, "Stand up for Beliefs":


No S&P, immigration is the issue, had he been stopped by border patrol or some other means, he would not have been here to viciously attack those who brought him into this world.

Earth may not have illegals, but America certainly does and our taxes are being abused by the housing, feeding, and support of them while they are in our prison system.


It's really a simple fix. Enact amnesty for all illegals who are in the country, provided they are drug free, have no criminal record and are fined $1000 per person for each year they have been in the country illegally. Give them a period of time to learn English and get on the pathway to citizenship. If they commit any crimes prior to gaining citizenship they will be deported immediately. Lock down the border with the military. Build a fence that actually works. Let's face it, 20,000,000 illegals aren't going away. Most are family orientated and good people. They want to be in this country but they've broken the law. Fine them for this and get them out of the shadows. For the small percentage that are drug dealers/criminals you drop the hammer on them and make sure they never come back.
This will never happen because politicians are too concerned with getting reelected instead of doing what's right for the country.

I think

so what you're saying is that it would have been ok if he stabbed his parents in mexico? yeah, i'm sure that would have been much better.

We must remember too that there are many things that illegals cannot draw from - but still contribute to - taxes and social security, also lots of unemployment tax funds that will never get touched by them, i think it balances out we just don't want to see the big picture.

tight borders would help but you don't understand, the US's own border patrol help illegal immigrants get int othe country and get rich doing it, you really think that is going to stop? people see the potential for $$$ and loyalty to country and morals go out the window, sad but true.


In a few years latinos will be the majority in this country, deal with it.

what we need is a way to make money off our prisoners - like have the prison be a factory or power plant of some sort, then we can exploit the immigrants in a whole new way.


It is so nice to see all the people who hate my Step-nephew. Martin was educated in Florida. He had a ruff childhood. All his family is here in Yamhill County except one aunt who lives in Calif. We as his family did everything to keep him from being deported a few years back. I am personally angry for his actions but will never stop loving him. Martin is the only one that did not get a green card and the others where born here in the US. I was shown a letter from Martin's mother stating that she wished that she had given birth to him here in the US. He has taught his Aunt and I ASL. Just remember one thing, "True love is like a cold, it is color blind. It sees no race" and a true christian would not show so much hatred.

skull crusher

Too many bleeding hearts!


Give 'em a drivers license so we can know if they commit a crime? Are you serious? They have already committed a crime!! They are illegal. They broke the law when they crossed the border!!
I have NEVER heard anybody explain why they can be criminals and still get a drivers license. The default arguemnet is "they are nice people."
I'm a nice person too. How 'bout I just stop paying taxes? Would Kitz and all of the bleeding hearts on here come to my defense?


I agree, the Mexicans that I have known are humble, hard working, gentle people. If that's true of the vast majority of Mexicans why do they hate their own country so much that they want to illegally come here??


MacNative 66, Could you please quote the poster on here who expressed "hate" towards Martin? I have not read a single thing that indicates someone hates him.
The 'ol "hate" thing is the weapon the gays wield with great success. If someone should dare to disagree with their point of view, instead of providing a thoughtful, civil, counter point they just default to "they are filled with hate." You're better than that.


And by the way, a true Christian would love someone enough to insist that they obey the law.
Ask any parent if true love of their children means giving in to them and looking the other way when they do something wrong.
Ask any employer if true love and concern for his employees means looking the other way when they do something illegal.


True love is not indulgent.


Mack: "why they can be criminals and still get a drivers license." murderes and rapist can get driver's licenses and their crimes are much more atroscious

I doubt Mexicans hate their country, Mexicans leave their country because there are no jobs, much violence, bribes to government, etc. - they hate that the minority - the mafia, etc are running things and wanting to corrupt their children, i have met a lot of mexicans that dream about going back, retiring there when they have enough money to, mexico is a beautiful country with beautiful people, and a horrible unsuccesful government that can't control the bad guys, and it's true the US is contributing to that by purchasing their drugs and supplying them with weapons


Hope you aren't referring to me Ms. Step Aunt. Never said I was Christian. Much blood has been shed in the name of Christianity, apparently, your family member did the same...?


"....why do they hate their own country so much that they want to illegally come here??"

Whose saying that they hate their own country? What a dumb statement, Mack. Wouldn't the phrase ... Moving on to greener pastures make much more sense?

The mass migration of people from Oklahoma to California during the dust-bowl era, wasn't because Okies hated Oklahoma so much, as it was because California had better to offer.

There is no more a natural occurrence on this planet than the migration of a species.


And on that note, I'd like to announce the coming out party for my prized corn stalk, Earlene. She'll be making the migration from the greenhouse to pasture over the three days!

John Smith Jr

hope her documents are in order


We don't always see eye to eye on the issues, but I really like you. I mean, who else could be in the middle of a tense back and forth over an emotional issue like illegal immigration and then just up and announce a coming out party for a corn stalk.
Thanks for making me smile and lightening me up a little bit. We need more people like you in the world.


Please tell me though that you don't really call it Earlene...


Thank you, Mack. You're oK, too.


And yes, I really did name it Earlene, in fact, named after my uncle Earl.

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