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McMinnville featured in latest Sunset magazine

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Funny, did they include the gang stabbing that may have happened the other night, the multiple pedestrians that have been hit, the women who was run over by her landlord and left for dead, what about the gang writing that is throughout town?
McMinnville has it's specialness, but one is ignorant to think that it is without dysfunction.
Affordable housing equals nasty apartments or paying upwards of 1000/month. Not really affordable if you have bills.

Pepper Jelly

What?? You mean Mac isn't paradise? Ahhh man, say it ain't so Manup.

Michael Tubbs Sr

The article in the February issue sitting on my desk reads dream towns. But I guess a little fantasy is oK, every now and then.

Michael Tubbs Sr

No doubt there's been some small conversation made about missed opportunity concerning the first image on row two, in the collage on page 54.


I grew up here, it is a pretty nice town, alot of the people I graduated with, Mac High and Linfield College, my classmates still live here, they are either raising their children or have raised their children here. Mac has grown and developed different personalities thruout its population growth, yeah it has changed, but sometimes when the breeze blows just right, and I'm just taking a walk, it seems like the old Mac. I am getting on in years, so it may just be a fantasy now.

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