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McMinnville 7-Eleven robbed Saturday morning

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Stay classy, McMinnville


I think the bird was the one probably with the brains in that family.

He probably should have listened to it, now it is to become a jail bird.

Troy Prouty*


Yeah, lets send this guy to jail for trying to steal beer. While CHIMOS roam My streets at NIGHT.


In case readers are wondering, chimos is short for child molesters.



Nice attempt at deflection, lRae. The tatted guy with extremely limited career opportunities robs a store and assaults somebody, but it's okay because the chimobile cruises your street at night. What ever happened to people taking responsibility for their actions?


posted "What ever happened to people taking responsibility for their actions?"

Well I have that answer.

when america put consumption first for everything it does. This is why people have huge amounts of debt, why Corporations can be irresponsible and how come government is often ineffective.

I have not met an addict who is very responsible and America is an addict of consumption. If we weren't this guy wouldn't of even been thiking of stealing or robbing or whatever he was doing. so there is your answer.

Troy Prouty*

Michael Tubbs Sr

"If we weren't...."

That's a rather large assumption on your part.. People have been robbing or stealing since ancient times, well before America was founded.

Immorality is on the rise all over this planet.

Michael Tubbs Sr

Our founding fathers, president Washington in specific, actually had copies of the bible printed and made available free of charge for every citizen. Can't say for sure what the sodomites used them for, but most, it's probably safe to assume used them for moral guidance.

I could be wrong, but I don't think so. Any thoughts?


Mike: You can't believe anything you hear from Glenn Beck. Here's a rebuttal from an expert:For anyone who has been following the unholy new partnership between Glenn Beck and Christian nationalist history revisionist David Barton, no explanation for why I'm posting this is necessary. For anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of watching Beck and Barton in action, here's the background in a nutshell:Barton, the pseudo-historian from Texas, probably more responsible than any other individual for spreading the erroneous belief that America was founded as a Christian nation, has now teamed up with Beck. Barton, who appeared on the radar recently as one of the history "experts" in the Texas textbook massacre, is also a former vice-chair of the Texas Republican Party, and, in 2005, was named one of the 25 most influential evangelicals in America by Time Magazine.He has made several appearances on Beck's show, armed with his usual scholarly schtick. One of the items in his bag of historical tricks is a rare Bible printed in 1782 by Philadelphia printer Robert Aitken.This Bible has been a mainstay of Barton's presentations for years, and was, as expected, one of the featured pieces of Christian nation "evidence" whipped out on Beck's show.Barton's bogus claim about this Bible? It was printed by Congress for the use of schools -- proof that the founders never intended a separation between church and state. Needless to say, Beck and his audience are just eating this stuff up.I've addressed this Aitken Bible lie many times before, notably in my book, Liars For Jesus: The Religious Right's Alternate Version of American History. The chapter, titled "Congress and the Bible," debunks all the myths and lies regarding the printing, financing, distribution, or recommending of Bibles by our early congresses.


While no fan of Glenn Beck I think it's a bit extreme to say you can't believe anything he says. It's starting to look like he might have been right about the Arab Spring potentially leading to an Islamic Caliphate. Syria is up to bat, who's next?

Michael Tubbs Sr

Thank you, Steve. Actually, I don't watch or listen to Glenn Beck. I believe it was a documentary about the Puritans fleeing England by way of Holland to the new world colonies from the King's church. I honestly can't say for sure if Mr Barton had something to do with that documentary, he may very well have.

Obviously, the Puritans, here long before George Washington was born. were devout Christians.

Michael Tubbs Sr

....and no, I hadn't watched that documentary on the Fox channel. But when I do watch the Fox News channel, it's generally Greta Van Susteren I prefer to view and/or listen to.


posted "That's a rather large assumption on your part"

It's not an asumption. it's the truth. "yes" stealing and crime have always been around. However, to the level we see it and even we allow (and do nothing) because it's accepted in certain circles is the biggest difference.

Let me use another example with the same problem.

Gun violence. Everyone looks and ask why is America so violent?.. Some say guns etc..etc.. However other countries have guns. so how do you find the answer. You simply look at other things that we do that nobody else does. Guess what that is. We consume more than anyone by a LONG ways.

Comsumption is an action (behavior) and we know before any behavior two things happen. Thoughts and Feelings. Now what does consumption teach us to do. Act on impulse. (Capitalism is good) It feels good so do it, use it, work so you can spend more .. etc..ect.. and blah..blah.. It's basicallyCognitive.

We have become a nation of impulse taught by consumption and applied to life. In doing so we make choices on emotion without thinking of consequences. (I call it emotion mind). This I know for fact, (it impacts crime stats including murder). do't believe me, go to the court room sit and listen "I wasn't thinking straight" - Nobody ask how come? I did on myself and came up with an answer.

So how out of control are we as a nation "If you wait to afford children you will never have them" Thats how out of touch we are. Then two divorces later (because of money problems), and children scared fro it .. We just say that's life..

My friend there was no assumption there, experience and insight only.

Troy Prouty*


I guess I should have stated. impuslive thoughts often lead to selfish behavior. So in essence consumption brings out the "Me" syndrome which reinforces "I" must have it now syndrome causing impulse. Rarey do we question what leads to the behavior. One big flaw to our justice system is it focuses more on punishment for behavior than the reason for the behavior. If alcohol or drugs maybe domestic violence sopme form of cognitive therapy, but not the other stuff very often.


Michael Tubbs Sr

Troy, I agree with much of your response.

Michael Tubbs Sr


Library of Congress.
Religion and the Founding of the American Republic.

skull crusher

Must have been really scary for the workers in 7-11. I feel really badly for the person or people working that night. IRae, that sucks that chimos are roaming your streets. I hope they get picked up so your street is safer for you and the neighbors.


ALL criminals need to be arrested and put behind bars - burglars, murderers, child molesters --- and they need to be put to work too! I really think our jails need more factories inside them to get some return on the investment....and if they don't want to work, put'em in the hole and keep 'em there until they are ready to. We should not be allowing ciminals to waste their time behind bars --- WORK and EDUCATE yourself - in fact, if you are HS drop out, don't have a GED, you don't get out until you can get one, if you already have a GED or Diploma well then learn a trade or do something that will prepare you for life after jail..

I gota work for my money just like most people who weren't born to rich families do, why can't people learn to do the same thing? Want beer? Go work, get some money and pay for it like the rest of us!


Once I'm done with the DMV Law and I attempt to appeal Measure 11 (Black and White law), and try to extend sentencing ranges on certain crimes instead, next is attempting to establish a prison system in which more companies will use for production instead of sending jobs overseas. Thus is will give inmates new skills to use when out, teach them responsability and give them an opportunity to have a job on their resume. Plus it's a good way to get some money back from them, allow victims to get some money back and also some money for them to have saved so when they get out they have a little foundation.

Troy Prouty*


Can you clarify "black and white" comment Mr. Prouty*.

Great idea regarding the prison, yet it is being done in many all ready, however, jobs need tools and equipment, so this can become a safety issue when used in certain prison populations. I find that having a self-sustaining prison to be a more useful idea. Inmate grown food, tend crops year round, tend compost to help grow food, supply their own clothes for use- thereby cutting the expenses needed. create water conservation stations to supply gardens with water, as well as toilets. Even heard of this toilet that also has a sink on the back. As you wash your hands the water wasted goes into the toilet bowl to be used for flushing. Can you imagine how much that could save tax payers if used correctly?

A prison of the future I guess, but I am sure we will never see such a idea come to fruition.

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