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Mayor blocks ban on local pot sales

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I appreciate Kevin Jeffries for his courage. Shame on Alan Ruden and the mayor.
And the mayor saying "we can't legislate morality?" What on earth is he thinking? That's just an old worn out, debunked catchphrase from the sixties. Name one law on the books that isn't based on morality. How about as a sample: Murder--it's morally wrong to take another human beings life, that's why it is illegal. Stealing--it's morally wrong to steal another persons property, that's why it's illegal. Need I go on??
Too bad we can't clone Kevin Jeffries and get rid of the rest.


Joel I agree with you many laws are based on moral bases like you point out, murder, theft, and I would add endangering others by driving while intoxicated. I respect Mr. Jeffries for arguing his position on wanting to ban or have a vote on banning the manufacture and sale marijuana in our town. I disagree with Mr. Jeffries. Now that marijuana prohibition is over, it should be treated the same as alcohol. Wine making and beer brewing are all over our town. The sale of alcohol is everywhere. The liquor store is within walking distance of the high school. Albertson's adjacent to Linfield, just next to campus sells alcohol. The attitudes generated during marijuana's long prohibition are still fresh and do not want to let go the way things were. Time to move on.


Clone Jeffries? Good grief. The man is an embarrassment. He is constantly insulting the voters of Oregon by insisting they were too stupid to understand what they were voting for. The majority that legalized pot knew exactly what they were voting for; and they obviously do not share Mr. Jeffries' strange obsession with the marijuana apocalypse. Someone who's afraid that boy scouts will be irreparably harmed by having to listen to rational arguments about marijuana obviously doesn't play with a full deck of cards; it's a mystery how he ever got elected.

Don Dix

Question -- why does anyone have the temerity to believe they know the private thoughts and conclusions made by others? It usually is claimed by those who dislike the outcome of any particular election, which seems to be the case here.


Hill, Yoder and Jeffries should stop beating this dead horse. Do they recall (from their history books) how Prohibition opened the door to welcome organized crime?


What is curious to me is. In the previous meeting, all but Jefferies were in favor of not banning the industry. My what a couple of weeks can do...
It is also interesting that some council members claimed they did not know what they were voting on when voting on Measure 91. This was a historical measure that was heavily advertised. I knew what I was voting on when I voted no. I have a hard time trusting government and this is one reason why.

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