Mary Stern - Commissioner leaves office

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Sally G

Thanks so very much, Mary, for your hard work and your accessibility to the voters. Our community is definitely better because of your public service. AOC is lucky to get you, and I know you will continue to serve for the benefit of Oregon's communities. Our very best to you! Sally

Annette Madrid

Thank you, Mary, for all your hard work and years of service. I echo your thoughts on the evidence-based practices going department wide ~ there is much wisdom to be shared/gained from that discussion. Your vision and humanity are a high bar for each of us to aspire and emulate. Good luck in the arena of AOC and don't be a stranger! AMFM


With my limited experience in being an active participant in the political processes, I just want to say that it has been a pleasure meeting you and wish you well.
It would be great to see all leaders use evidence based facts when forming policies. It seems Yamhill county has (in my mind) some archaic practices when it comes to views on cutting edge policy making and hearing your views has been refreshing.

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