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Map shows proposed future landfill expansion

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" is county residents who will suffer harm if the companies calculations are wrong." "...leaving the final financial burden to Yamhill County and the State of Oregon." Isn't it time to deny the expansion of this massive landfill??


Most of the garbage comes from Washington county so STOP those trucks from coming to Yamhill county. Make Pride and the other companys find a place in western Washington county up in the mountians away from any creeks or rivers. Dig a huge hole and fill it for the next 20 years. This eyesore along highway 18 has gotten very much out of control and it's time to stop. I imagine there is a lot of money being paid to fatten some pockets just to keep this open though. Also, how about ODOT put a $100 per truck load to repair highway 18 and 99 in Yamhill county. Those 100,000 pound loads are what is distroying our roads. Just look at the section from the railroad crossing to south of Mcminnville on highway 18. "You break it you pay for it".


I agree that the people of this county are going to be the ones to suffer from the expansion. Why is it that we take on other people's garbage? Why don't they solve their own problem. When the landfill was originally opened it was supposed to last for a very very long time (unsure of the numbers as I have read several), when people got greedy it shortened it greatly doing more harm to the people that live here and creating the situation that we are in. Why doesn't Washington County create their own and we will ship our garbage to them for thirty years and see how long it takes to shorten their estimated gap for their county?

End the problem, deny it and call it what it is...over and done.


I don't think it's the companies fault, I mean they are taking OUR garbage -- what if they didn't do that, what would we do with it? Burn it all in our backyard and contribute to a different type of pollution? I think we all need to start getting better at recycling but also, companies need to stop being so irresponsible - have you seen those perfumes and creams and pills for example that are a tiny bottle in a huge cardboard and plastic display? Completely unecessary. Do you know that in Mexico they sell milk in one gallon plastic bags insetad of gallons? Much less waste, there are ways to reduce our amount of garbage but unelss we are willing to do it, we can't complain that there is too much garbage - we're the ones making that mess.


I understand the frustration many may have with our local landfill. Please remember, we all had the opportunity in this county to vote on measure 36-119 in November of 2008 to restrict the expansion. The measure was defeated by a fairly large margin of 58-42 percent. As voters, we cannot approve of the expansion in 2008 and then in 2012 say no to the expansion without another vote. I wonder how many of those who are complaining today either voted no on the measure, or didn't bother to vote at all.


As a corporation, Waste Management spent almost a million dollars in 2008 in their campaign to defeat this measure (preventing landfill expansion because of the proximity to a river). There was a lot of misinfo about rising garbage rates, emissions on trucks (?), etc. mainly directed at Newberg residents who aren't as directly affected by this large regional landfill's negative aspects! It was all very confusing to the intended.

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